Katrina Kaif is the Indian Barbie !!!


Recently Barbie turned 50 and the dolls popularity has not faded one bit. The following fact just goes to show that no other doll has outshone Barbie’s celebrity.

  • Every second at least three of these dolls are sold, bringing in $3.6 billion annually in retail sales.

  • If all the Barbie’s and her family members—Skipper, Francie and the rest—sold since 1959 were placed head to toe, they would circle the Earth more than seven times.

The toy manufacturer Mattel which recently celebrated Barbie’s 50th birthday, wanted to take this opportunity to actually have an Indian face for the Barbie and they chose Aishwarya Rai for it to cash in on the popularity of the star to increase its sales in India. But the talks were not successful. Some reasons for this being lack of time, Ash being very particular with the looks of the glamdoll.Katrina kaif was approached next and she was more than happy to accept it. She said and I Quote “It is so much fun to endorse a Barbie doll, almost every girl has grown up playing with the doll and so have I, so it feels great. My sisters would be really happy to know that I am endorsing this brand.” Katrina walked the ramp on the first day of Lakhme Fashion week wearing a pink dress designeb by Nishika lulla

Click here to see her pics at the lakhme fashion week

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  1. Thanks and found your post on it colourful with those photos so put your link at the end of my post 🙂 .hope you subscribe to the site

  2. Wow, Katrina looks so beautiful, she is just like Barbie! I have heard that Katrina is going to have a guest appearance on Kolkata fashion and lifestyle week in next month. I will surely going to visit there to have a glimpse of her.

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