Oye lucky lucky Oye..Second time lucky :)

Think of Tata Crucible and the phrase that comes to your mind is Quizzing at its best.. I can say that because I attended this year’s edition of quiz held in hyderabad at RNR Auditorium Opp. Lotus Pond Road, No. 12, MLA Colony, Banjara Hills. To participate in the quiz we had to have a team of two so I paired up with my friend Vaibhav.By the way my name is Adithya 🙂. Two of my other friends (Santosh,Abhiram) formed one more.We are doing our engineering in MJ(muffakham Jah, affiliated to OU). We had actually taken part in the last edition of the quiz too but couldn’t clear the first round but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We actually don’t believe in going through all those quiz books and business magazines before attending any quiz. We keep ourselves updated with the happenings in the world and that’s it.

The registrations were supposed to start at 2 and we reached the auditorium at 2:10 and we entered our registration numbers and got our answer sheets and were raring to go. At around 2:20 the doors were opened and we got inside the hall and took our seats. Then there was some music and a recorded voice telling us about the event blah blah..Then came “pickbrain”..Wondering what that means?? Well Giri Balasubramaniam is known as pickbrain. His way of teasing your brains demands out of the box thinking, earning him the nickname ‘Pickbrain.’ The greatest tribute to his efforts came when the guru of lateral thinking, Dr.Edward De Bono, witnessed a quiz and remarked humorously “With all my lateral thinking, I don’t think I can crack Pickbrain”. He has presented quiz shows in India, Middle East, Srilanka, Singapore, UK and the USA. He was the quizmaster for the evening and I really admire him and his quizzing abilities. There was a preliminary round which was written. Close to 170 teams from various engineering colleges and business schools from Hyderabad participated. The first round had 20 questions

  1. Krishna Palepu who was on the board of Satyam was also on the board of which company – This was an easy one to start with …-> DR.Reddy labs.
  2. Identify the logo (easy one too)-> BEL(Bharat Electronics Ltd)
  3. Which steel Manufacturer launched “Project Cheetah” and “Project Falcon” for upgradation and expansion of its steel plants…(We scratched our heads for this but couldn’t get it right thought the other team got it right) – >JSW
  4. Which retail company founded by Otto Bershem has the tagline “Spirit of Commerce” (Answered) -> METRO
  5. There was a photo shown that was a part of the advertising campaign from tata’s. Apparently Taj hotels economy hotels were being rebranded .so What is the new name. We wrote Hilton towers which was silly but we gave it a try..-> Gateway
  6. Which software major has launched controlcosts.com .The simplest of the all as I keep seeing this ad on television -> Microsoft
  7. Who in India now endorses Ford Endeavour? This was a tricky one .The quizmaster told he is a Macho man..So we thought it might be Hrithik Roshan or John Abraham..-> Sunil shetty
  8. Next came a Logo.Being a Hyderabadi we were supposed to know this(That is what the giri said but we couldn’t get it) – >Paradise Hotel takeaway
  9. Which watch brand is advertised with slogan “it takes a licking and keeps ticking”..Got this right -> Timex
  10. Which clothing brand describes generational differences between Babby boomers and their parents that Donald Fisher and Doris F. Fisher start in 1969? A tough one for us atleast.->GAP
  11. Identify Goldman Sachs CEO..3 options were given Lloyd blankfein, Andrew chroma and Roger patt .Answered this one ..-> Lloyd blankfein
  12. Who co-produced Meerabai Notout.A hint was given that this guy started an animation company and he was from Hyderabad ..Answered.-> DQ Entertainment (CEO Mr.Tapaas Chakravarti)
  13. This telecom gaint has a new logo, the blue color represents depth of integrity, orange stands for passion with two arrows focusing on diversity (Counldn’t get it initially but when he told that this company started of as a hardware manufacturer we got it ) – >Bharthi
  14. A shampoo ad hoarding was shown and asked to identify the brand.There was a tagline “When performance comes from within you shine” (We wrote Vivel. Infact we could not even figure it out that it was Katrina kaif in the hoarding L ) – >Pantene
  15. Which alumni of Osmania Univeristy and co founder of Pictra India replaced Bruce Chizen at Adobe. How could we miss this…Answered this one too -> Shantanu Narayen
  16. Which IT businessman divided his company into “Network of Circles”? (Couldn’t get this one..But when we came to know the answer we were like damn) -> Ramalinga Raju
  17. A photograph was shown on which there were many logos. – kids, Eva lite, breezers, Soldiers We had to identify whose brands are these from the world of footwear. (Couldn’t answer this one) -> Lakhani.
  18. Which Indian has been nominated to the UN taskforce that will suggest reforms to the global financial system.A clue was given saying that he is a previous RBI governor and he also mentioned that it so happens that we take notice of someone only when they reach to such high positions even thought they are so good at what they do. – > Y V Reddy
  19. Identify the production house from the audio track (song from Dostana movie) – Too easy for movie buffs… -> Dharma productions
  20. TVC of lifebuoy soap where kids are shown cleaning the streets..The quizmaster liked this ad for some reason.

So that was the written round .We got 11 right which was great considering that we had not prepared .We had some biscuits. I have not eaten krackjack for about an year I guess  :P…Had to stand in a line to get some tea. I usually don’t drink tea but since it was cardamom I thought why not try it. The tea was awesome worth standing in a line…Then we got back into the hall took our seats (I think we sat in the same position as we had done in the last edition).Results were announced. Top 4 teams would get entry into the final directly and the next 12 teams (group of 6) had to fight it out in the 2 wildcard rounds to decide the other 2 finalists.

The teams who were going to take part in the first wildcard round were announced and we were overjoyed when the other team comprising of santosh and abhiram was called.

Wild card round 1

This one was a very close affair. 4 teams answered one question each and finally a team from SNIST (one of its team members name was Sachin reddy: D) answered the third tie breaker question and got into the final. Infact the team from SNIST won because the other teams answered wrongly. They played safely and were banking on others answering it wrongly which was the case..Any other day it might have backfired but as they say “Fortune favors the brave”  🙂

  1. This group started in chennai as Ajax india by A.M.M Chetya – > Murrugappa Group
  2. Hospitality Company started in 1927 in Washington is today a more famous as a hotel chain… (A hint was given that it was in news for the terrorist attack)..-> JWT Marriot
  3. This is a campaign for a billion – jaago Re
  4. Started in Feb, 1906 it was named Battle Creek, toasted corn is there first business – Kellogs
  5. If obama is the TIME Person of the year 2008 then who was it in the year 1982 -> PC( Team from CBIT answered this. Amazing)
  6. This company is famous for using a painting (Nipper, the Dog) -> HMV
  7. This organization originally thought of 11 then extended to 21 and finally to 31 … -> Baskin Robbins
  8. This organization recently celebrated its centenary and created a new punch line “Together we can” -> Canara Bank
  9. Jisco Subsidary of -> Tata steel

Our team couldn’t get into the final although they knew the Baskin Robbins answer but were not quick enough with the buzzer and the other teams were better than them

Then the next set of 6 teams was announced. We were thinking if santosh and abhiram were called we might be the lucky ones this time around but it was not to be..

Wild Card 2nd Round

This was not as tight as the other round.

  1. 2 companies are involved in makeing of CD’s – > Philips and Sony
  2. Full form of MICO(Everyone knows that it is used in the automobiles) – Motor Industries company
  3. Financial advisor to Arnold Schwazneger in his California Senate elections -> W.Buffet
  4. Massaro ibuka founded – >Sony
  5. Mercedes benz is subsidary of – Daimler

Then it was time for the other 4 finalists..2 teams were announced and then came the moment. When Pickbrain announced that P.Adithya Reddy and K.Vaibhav Anand from M.J.C.E.T it was a feeling of extreme happiness and we ran onto the stage and took our seats on the podium.(Did i mention that we sat in the same seats last time around but this time we were lucky) This was the first time that 5 out of 6 finalists were from engineering colleges which was quite and achievement considering that it was a business quiz. Who says engineers are not good businessmen :P. The finalists were

Dhanalakshi college of engineering

IBS(The only business school )


MJCET(We :))

Vasavi college of engineering

Don’t remember the 6th team.

Everyone settled and they checked out the camera angles as this will be telecasted on CNBC-TV18 .so they had to get it right. Then began the finals

There were 4 rounds. We didn’t note down the questions clearly so I will just put up the questions randomly.

The first round had 1 question for each team and the questions could be passed.

  1. what word did Jayram Ramesh coined in the world of economics -> Chindia
  2. It first started as bikini festival and introduced the concept of swimwear in 1980’s, it repositioned with a greater purpose (This was a good one and IBS came close to it when it answered Miss Universe and we were thinking Kingfisher calendar but didn’t answer as I was didn’t realize that there was no negative but it wouldn’t have mattered anyway) – > it passed on and the last team (Dhanalakshmi) got it right – >Miss World
  3. Founded in 1927 as Victory Company, its a subsidary of US comp and gave VHS format to the world ->JVC
  4. Tern coined by Hywell Murell in UK in 1949, this was term for study of interaction of technology they use and environment they work in ->Ergonomics
  5. Which brand was started because the makers ran out of ‘Coca Cola’ syrup? – >Fanta and this was answered by dhanalaksmhi team which was simply superb

Remember only these from the first round

2nd round was a Visual round

  1. Picture of Srini Raju( Cofounder of Satyam)
  2. They showed a photo of Dream spark and asked what was it? The team beside us got it and they answered it wrongly and I couldn’t wait to answer this one..It is a program by Microsoft in which they provide free software to students to develop technologies.(Pock brain was very animated while I was answering this and he told it was right)..So we score 10 points there…Infact just before that visual was shown I was praying to god that we get atleast one question that we know and it came true immediately.
  3. We got our direct question a set of 4 logos of a company…The first logo had RR in it and the first thing that came to our mind was Rolce Royce but alas it was wrong and the team from IBS got it right when they told Renault. They were like “sorry for the pronunciation renaul” and then pickbrain told that sometimes it is so strange that people say sorry for nothing..He spelt it right
  4. Steve Wozniack Pic

3rd round was TATA round..This was a buzzer round and had negative marking of 5 points and 5 points for the correct answer

1. Tata comp which signed a deal with Fox.As soon as he mentioned Fox tatasky came to our mind and we were thinking of pressing the buzzer but didn’t as we didn’t want to lose the 10 points (We should have pressed it L )

2. Which Tatacompany would you associate with Man Utd – >AIG

3. There was a question on tata indicom..We should have also got this one to as tata had only one company linked to telecom industry.

4. There was a subprime mortgage crisis chart shown and asked what is the effect called? -> Domino effect..(Even IBS couldn’t get this considering that this was their field and dhanalakshmi college got it right)

Then there was the final round which was a make or break round…It was called AMAZING reasons.. There would be 3 clues given and 15 for the answer given on first clue, 10 on 2nd clue and 5 on 3rd clue.

1. This global consulting company was founded by Bruce Henderson- and dhanalakshmi college didn’t waste any time in pressing the buzzer…-> BCG

2. a)This company was founded by two brothers Edward and Andre..No one got it on the first clue b) it began publishing Red guides for hotels and Green Guides for city maps -> Michelin tyres

3. She featured at the 25th spot in Forbes most powerful women , She did her MBA from Jamanlal Bajaj -> Chandra kochar (This was the only question that they looked foolish when they told Ana kournikova..)

There were 2 Connect questions

4. There were photos vodafone ad, mobile store logo, clickfor steel campaign and some company -> Essar (Vodafone essar..essar steel)

5. Dhoni superkings pepsi ad , a stamp of madras Christian college, jumpin drink and last one don’t remember. -> Indra Nooyi

Finally the results were announced and The winning team was–V.Vivek and R.Daniel(dhanalakshmi 70 or 80 points) — won the grand prize of Rs.75,000 along with goodies. Raju Satish and Bharat Agarwal of ICFAI Business School carried the runner-up’s baton yet again this year who were awarded a cash prize of Rs.35, 000. (teams from IBS have always finished runners up and they are continuing that legacy)

There were some some questions posed to the audience too .The best one was

What do you mean by 100 mile diet?? There were many answers but finally a man who runs a training institute got it bang on when he told “it is a term used when people consume food which is produced within 100 mile radius” and Pickbrain was at his witty best when he told that the man might be training students residing within 100 mile radius…

We won a Philips DVD player, goggles from fast track,2gb sandisk pendrive and a tshirt.. The other team won a coffee mug, pen drive and fast track goggles.We were so happy that we took photos near the lotus pond with those goggles. I reached home at 7 and wanted to write about the whole experience but sadly the most reliable BSNL net was not getting connected for a change and had to wait for 1 day to actually complete my post. If I had to describe all this in one line it would be “The quiz was fantabulous with hard-hitting questions and the Quizmaster mesmerized us with his unique way of asking questions. It was an excellent experience”. A big thank you to all those who went through the whole post which took me an hour to write and those who skipped lines and are viewing this a big slap on your face 😀

Click here for the official report on the Hyderabad edition

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  1. Thanks for pointing out the mistake..But i guess mistakes are bound to happen when writing such a big post.. 🙂

  2. 12th question in prelims is wrong dude….It was the name of the company they asked …..we wrote 7seas…

  3. The question is not wrong..It was not properly framed.But what i wrote is the CEO of the company..Changed the answer now..:) Thanks for telling

  4. 6th team was also from vasavi college…….nuvvu great ra babu u could remember those questions also… 🙂

  5. Firstly i would like to CONGRAGULATE U 🙂 …,good that u attending the quiz this time …

  6. @ abhiram .. I remember the preliminary and the final questions but the wild card ones got help

  7. Really long post dude. I suggest you cut down a few lines the next time!! But anyways nice experience to share. Mj ka naam roushan kiya!! shabash 😛 🙂

  8. @ abhiram Yes that’s true ..Kudos to santosh..But where the hell is he…vaibhav from my team and santosh from your’s have not participated in the discussion 🙁

  9. @ vikranth Hehehe i know but u see this is a personal experience and my first big achievement if u can say that, so in that excitement didn’t even notice that i wrote that much..haan haan MJ kaa naam roushan kiya..tum bhi to kam nahi..national events mein participarte kar chuke ho and won the ecell not one but twice too..so good luck to u too in the future endeavours 🙂

  10. “arey thondaraga randi bey em peekuthunnaru”……atleast they would come seeing this 😛

  11. But they should first see the post to see these comments..If they comment atleast once then they would be informed but if they don do’nt then cant help..

  12. thanx to everyone involved when i mean involved madhav bro too….hehehe …. truely special experience ….:)

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