Microsoft Acquires 23% stake in Google

Yes you saw it right. When I too came to know of the news I too was as shocked and surprised as you are right now reading this. Microsoft had called for an urgent press conference at the company headquarters in Redmond, Washington and the press was stupefied to see Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt, the CEO of internets largest search Engine Company Google sitting next to each other on the dais. This was only the first of the many shocks and there were many more to come.

Speaking at the press conference the Microsoft CEO started out by saying that these are tough times for the IT industry and the financial industry and that the companies had to come out with a strategic plan to cope with this situation. The press was getting jittery hearing this and they sensed that something big was about to happen and Steve Ballmer didn’t disappoint them when he announced that Microsoft had successfully negotiated a deal with Google and it was going to acquire 23 % stake in Google. As soon as this was announced the reporters started shooting questions .The price at which Microsoft will have to shell out was however not disclosed.

It was only a year ago that Microsoft unsuccessfully bid for acquiring Yahoo. Maybe if that bid had taken place now it would have been different but nevertheless atleast this deal has gone through. It’s strange the only a few days back that Google had laid off 200 of its employees in the advertising department. Microsoft too was giving the pink slips to its employees in phases. But no one expected Microsoft to come out so aggressively and bid for Google. Google has been hit very hard but I didn’t know that it was so much that it had to enter into an agreement with its biggest rival. Recession brings two Big giants together

I hope the above mentioned facts (false facts 🙂 )Come true one day…Thanks for your valuable time in reading this post. Its 12:01 am in the morning on April 1st here….April FOOL’s Day  🙂 ..For those who are reading this on March 30th Advance April FOOL’s Day .Do share this story to fool your friends..Let this post travel the whole world  🙂

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