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If you are a big Aamir khan fan or even if you aren’t dont forget to tune into CNN on march 25th 6PM(IST) and in case you miss out on that there will be a repeat telecast of it on March 28th at 10 AM and 8 PM.

Here is a sneak preview of the show.What to expect and what not to. The anchor begins of by saying that Ghajini was a huge hit and the biggest grosser in Bollywood till date .Aamir khan on TV and no mention of SRK..aisa ho hi nahi sakta(its impossible)..Aamir goes on to say the same thing that he has told many times that he never felt SRK was No 1 and he admires BIG B for the work that he does and the dedication of his. I donโ€™t know when this war of words will end between him and SRK.You have to be a HERO not only on screen but off it was well but making such comments every now and then is so silly. Kids today have become smarter but these two Khan’s have still some childish mentality left in them to actually take on each other at the slightest of the opportunity that is presented to them.

Then Aamir speaks of Slumdog Millionaire. He was not touched by it emotionally speaking and he found it strange that slum kids were speaking English…somebody please tell Aamir that this film was meant for the English audience and moreover there was a Hindi version too released so he should have seen that if he does not understand English ๐Ÿ˜› ..Then he goes on to speak about his reaction to mumbai terror attacks on his blog .In the latter part of the show he speaks about his childhood and he doesnโ€™t forget to mention at last that he sees all his films with the audience to just know their reaction. No wonder he is a perfectionist. And by the way I am no SRK fan or Aamir khan fan but still i intend to watch the show but those of you who are please set a reminder on your phone and those of you who have Tatasky do set a program alert so as to not miss the show ๐Ÿ™‚

7 Replies to “Aamir Khan on CNN..Dont Miss”

  1. Aamir rock!!! Although he gives interviews only when his movies are about to release.. i guess this interview is to promote the so called Re-Release of Ghajini with all the deleted scenes and extra footage attached.

  2. Yes he was everywhere on all news channels to music channels promoting GHAJINI..Today’s Aamir is different from what we know of him 2 years back..He is now more responsive towards media but seriously i would prefer the old Aamir who was shy and used to have a good relationship with SRK..but now he ceases every opportunity to crack a joke on SRK(atleast he says it is a joke i don’t know what SRK feels)..

  3. aamir sucks………….every time he makes a statement against SRK………and then he starts saying its a joke……me and SRK share a good relationship…………..what the fuck…………he just trying to prove himself number one by making a group with salman akshay…………..one thing u better understand aamir that u are standing against SRK………..and to fight with him u need to be SRK…….but SRK tho ek hai hi.

  4. @ Faiz For some Aamir sucks and for some SRK sucks..everyone has his/her own opinion but i guess SRK has more mass appeal and aamir not so. Both are no less when it comes to throwing tantrums.Its only now that Aamir has become more aggressive and SRK is trying to ignore it as much as possible but our media wont let that happen..They will instigate SRK to an extent that he will too get into this war or words..We might be interested in what they say but at the end of the day we want good films from them…Thats what matters to me ๐Ÿ™‚ ..Is duniya mein sab ek hi hai bhai ๐Ÿ˜€

  5. Aamir khan and SRK both rock..Very dedicated to their work and they know the formula to make it big.The only thing that i hate from them is this allegations and counter allegations..They certainly can do away with those things..

  6. Hey Faiz, I understand U are an ardent fan of Shah Rukh bt that doesn’t give U the liberty to pick on innocent ppl like Salman and Akshay. They are too nice to gang up for another individual………….. Aamir and Shah Rukh know themselves better and can settle their scores anytime.

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