Freida Pinto:Millionaire star becomes a Millionarie herself

freidapintoEver since Freida pinto signed for Slumdog Millionaire she has been in news for some reason or other.The film won won five Critics’ Choice Awards, four Golden Globes, seven BAFTA Awards, includng best Film and finally the OSCARS where it got eight including best Director and Best Film.For a girl who used to walk at local ramp shows this experience of walking on the red carpet was sure a wonderful experience that she will never forget in her life.Although she didn’t win an award but the film has turned her into an international star so much so that she appeared on Vogue cover magazine recently.

The Indian model-turned-actress has been offered a series of lucrative roles with top directors, including Woody Allen and Julian Schnabel. Woww.And the latest buzz around is that she is all set to become the highest paid indian actress.If trade estimates are to be believed, Freida’s rate is soon going to be between Rs 13 to 15 crore. She has pushed ahead of her colleagues Kareena Kapoor Katrina Kaif and Aishwarya Rai Bachchan which is quite an achievements of sorts considering that she is just 24 and still young in the industry.

According to sources her earnings have now topped 2 million pounds .Those of you who are poor in maths that amounts to 13.6 crores.Thats a huge sum of money to have at 24.The question is what has really worked for her and does she deserve to get all the limelight that she is getting right now.Share your views.

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5 Replies to “Freida Pinto:Millionaire star becomes a Millionarie herself”

  1. i don’t think FREIDA PINTO got any extraordinary looks neither did she have any shot worth remembering in slumdog millionaire.. The only thing she has which many of don’t is LUCK..

  2. LUCK plays an important factor in anyone’s life..Hers looks are not stunning but she has a face which is global..she has not got that indian face..

  3. off course she is an Indian..that goes without saying 🙂 By the way this is your first comment so welcome and hope to see you contributing in future too

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