South Africa to Host IPL season 2

A few days back Lalit Modi shocked the nation when he announced that IPL will be hosted outside India. England and South Africa were being looked into as possible venues and news just in is that South Africa will be hosting the IPL which i guess will be the biggest sporting tournament there after the last years T20 world cup..

Durban, Cape Town, Bloemfontein, Pretoria, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth will be the venues for the second season of the IPL in South Africa. The tournament will start from 18th of April as against 10th April and the final schedule will be finalized in a day or two. I guess the tournament has been postponed by a week keeping in mind that Indian players will be returning to India from NZ on April 8th .So Indian players wouldn’t have much time to recover.

I was pretty much sure that South Africa would be the preferred destination despite the fact that the Indian players wanted England to be the host nation. Maybe they were thinking in terms of the T20 world cup which will be held in England later this year and also the Fan base in England would be more. But the Organizers can’t go by what players want but they have to keep the business in mind too.

According to me and many experts England wouldn’t have been an ideal place for many reasons

1. The weather in England would be damp and that would be a dampener for the tournament if it were to be held there. On the other hand the weather in SA might get cold too but not as worse as in the case of England.

2. The English Cricket Board were not sure if they could provide security to the players(Some food for thought for Kevin Pieterson)

3. The Cost of holding a tournament would be more when compared to South Africa

4. The London marathon is also scheduled on April 26th so that would be a hindrance to the IPL.There is a test match against west indies and the domestic T20 tournament was also going to be played so there would be logistic problems.

5. The biggest problem would be the telecast rights because Sky sports are very demanding and they would definitely not want the IPL because that would reduce their viewership base whereas Tele sports the official broadcaster for all the sporting events in SA has not issues..

6. The timings would also suit India…If matches were to start at 4 pm(SA time) then it would be 7:30 PM here so that would be good but the second match if it were to start at 7 pm(SA time) then it would be 10:30 which is a bit late. Maybe they will sort that out.

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