Pink Panther 2..Worth a watch

I stopped watching English movies in theatres after i got my net connection 4 years ago. I have been downloading them and watching it at home itself…But I do go for the movies which are screened on the big screen (IMAX)…The last one that I went to was MADAGASCAR 2.Found it really amazing. Today my friend suggested that we go to pink panther 2…Initially I was not sure if I wanted to because I had heard that the movie was not great. But finally decided to go for the 12:45 show and we reached 5 min late as usual 🙂 ..We got the top most corner seats. I had not watched first movie pink panther but then realized this was not a sequel to it…

If you need a good laugh, then this movie is for you. At times I couldn’t stop laughing. This was a fast moving movie and kept your interest. Compared to others, it was clean in regards to language, sexual scenes. The first half was so engaging and hilarious that we didn’t realize that 50 min had passed. The second part dealt with how they case finally is solved. Please do not listen to the critics, the critics don’t have a funny bone in there body.

Steve Martin plays the role of an absurd Inspector Clouseau. He is assigned the duty of capturing a bold thief known as the Tornado, who makes off with many of the world’s cultural treasures, and the Pink Panther Diamond is the biggest of them all. He has a team of 6 called Dream team and what follows is a laugh riot. Steve Martin is simply superb and he doesn’t disappoint a bit and each scene is a riot! His expressions are worth watching. There is a security camera scene at a huge castle which was one of the most hilarious scenes in the movie and I couldn’t stop laughing.Aishwarya Rai plays the role of Sonia and she turns out to be the bad girl. Get a ticket, grab popcorn and enjoy the flick Even if you don’t want to see it in theatre do watch it at home

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