Hyderabad Airport in the World’s top 10

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When there was a proposal for a new international airport in Hyderabad many people were apprehensive about it, whether is was needed in the first place and if yes whether hyderabad could pull it off..Building an airport is no child ‘s task, that too of international standards..After various cabinet meetings and discussions it was decided that the airport would be a public private joint venture between GMR Group, Malaysia Airports, the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Airports Authority of India.

The bid was made in December 2000 and by the time the construction started it was 2005 and the airport was opened to the public on March 23 2008. Initially there were some hiccups but as time went by the airportย  got recognition for various things .Recently the Airport completed 1 year of operation. Though it is just 1 year old the airport has made a name for itself among the best in the world

According to aย  survey conducted by the Airport Council International,ย  Rajiv Gandhi International Airport was rated the second most service-oriented airport in the 5-15 million passenger per annum category.

It was also named as the fifth most service oriented amongst the world’s top ten airports by scoring 4.41 on a 1-5 scale in overall passenger satisfaction. The 105,300 sq.m. Terminal has the capacity to handle 12 million passengers per annum.

Hyderabad being a software Hub had everything from Sprawling malls to Multiplexes to flyovers and perhaps the only thing that was missing was an airport of international standards and that was also came true .. Way to go Hyderabad ๐Ÿ™‚

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  1. But there a lot of things at the airport which are not appreciable..first being, paying an extra 1500 on everytime u fly in or out of Hyderabad( I have paid it myself!) and the non availability of good and reasonable south Indian food including break fast at the departure wing of the airport. What will we gain with more shops in the arrival wing i don’t understand. And thirdly i feel there should have been more aero bridges, given the vast spread of the airport. The telephone booth guy at the arrival terminal is annoying, he doesn’t have change at any time of the day or year and expects people coming from abroad also to hold Indian currency in all denominations as soon as they land in India! If I go on.. the list is endless.. anyway these are the biggest issues!!

  2. Its easy to point fingers at something/someone but hard to accept one from other ๐Ÿ™‚ I appreciate your views on the airport . Firstly coming to you point of paying 1500 I would like to bring to your notice that GMR spent close to 5000 crores on this project and they are responsible for the maintainence so they are justified in charging 1500.They are not into business to do charity.I also feel that 1500 is nominal considering that you spend so much on the tickets to go abroad..The logic is quite simple.You are using their facilities and you are charged for that..Its like the road tax.
    Second point relating to good south Indian food,i partly agree with you but then you don’t go to airport to feed yourself ๐Ÿ™‚ Maybe when you travel next time just drop in a suggestion and hope they act on it.
    Third point coming to aero bridges i guess we are not in a position to comment on that..The airport authorities are experienced enough to know how many are needed.
    Fourth point coming to the annoying guy well those are one off instances..You except one or two people to behave like that in any organization.You can report this too to the authorities. Is there no currency exchange facility ..I guess there is one there ..
    Getting into top 10 in 1 year is an achievement and there will be issues with every airport even the best in the world but you need to overlook them in the larger context.Thanks for those comment ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. I differ from your view. If GMR has spent money, then they are charging and equal amount from the airlines. And when i buy a tkt, the airlines is inturn making me pay for all that it has to bear.Every item that i buy in the airport including water I pay 60% higher than the outside cost just to cover the airport costs. I am already paying the airline including all taxes and have to again shell out money just because GMR is not foing business for charity! Am I travelling for charity? The rates to HYD are more than the rates to chennai for this simple reason that we have a new airport though the distance is lesser. On top of that i have to shell out money is meaningless!!
    And even if i go to a currency exchange, he will not gimme 10s and 20s.. he will gimme me 100s only (generally that is the standard amount) and i get stuck with this anooying guy who relents to give me change for a 2 rupee call that is charged at 10 rupees!

  4. This happens everywhere in the world. Despite collecting so much from the people airline industry is in dire straits so just imagine if they don’t collect as much as they are doing now. The taxes on your ticket go to the government not to the GMR.Just by collecting money from the airlines wont help GMR ..They have to charge the travellers too
    You cant compare Chennai Airport to Hyderabad one. It is so crowded and the facilities don’t come even close to what Hyderabad has to offer to its people.
    ATM’s too don’t give you 10’s and 20’s ..How can you expect to get one at the currency exchange counter..And a person going to the airport has no cellphone that he has to use a public phone ..strange..

  5. Its good. but why are people not bringing out the absolute lack of facilites for poeple who goto airport to see off relatives.. not a single chair to sit. Atleast in BIAL (Bangalore) there are a few seating arrangements for visitors outside.

    And, now & then, there are authorities who are stealing items from customers baggages. this is still happening during international arrivals. In the name of checks, they are stealing goods from check-in luggages. This is disgusting. & this is a FACT! & my wife lost few items & we went through pain.


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