Happy UGADI :)

UgadiUgadi is the New Year’s Day for the people of the South Deccan region of India. While the people of Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka call it as Ugadi for this festival, the people of Maharashtra term the same festival, observed on the same day, Gudi Padwa.

Here’s wishing all our readers a very happy UGADI/Gudi Padwa .As the new year dawns,may it bring Happiness and Prosperity.. to you and your loved ones

3 Replies to “Happy UGADI :)”

  1. I didn’t knew of this celebration, I received orkut scraps for ugadi/gudi padwa wishes But I wondered……. Now I got it…..
    BTW, nice blog n nice content worth reading, I have also subscribed to ur feed… keep d spirit of happy blogging up :t

  2. Thanks a lot for the compliments.Seems that you too have started blogging just now..Now its my turn..Found the blog interesting but not as good as mine 😛

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