Sony VAIO pocketbooks..Worth the price ??

Sony vaio pocket notebooks

It’s been quite sometime since Sony has been advertising their pocket Notebooks on air. Sony is always on the forefront of innovation. With the release of Sony VAIO pocketbook, called Sony VAIO P, it is clear that Sony want to stay ahead in the war of mobility-based netbooks.

Sony has released two variants, VGN-P15, costing Rs 64,990 and VGN-P13, costing Rs 49,990 (inclusive of all taxes), the models can easily fit into your pockets, if you believe the TV commercial it has launched to showcase the device’s easy mobility.

While the VGN-P15 is available in four different colours (Obsidian Black, Crystal White, Garnet Red and Olivine Green), the VGN-P13 is available only in two colours: Obsidian Black and Crystal White.

Now what really attracts your is that they are just 19.8 mm thick much thinner than a C-sized battery, widthwise it is 120 mm, smaller than your wallet and at 245 mm lengthwise, it is smaller than an A4 size paper or a pair of shoes. What’s more, these devices are Wi-Fi as well as Bluetooth enabled.

Given below are some key features of the two models:

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