21st Century Nazi Camps

I have been watching a lot of TV off late and as a result the time that I spend on reading paper has come down drastically. Previously I used to read a lot but now with internet and TV I hardly find time to go through it. Mostly Read the front page news and sports and sometimes business because I feel that I can gather more info from TV and net but that changed today after reading an article on Srilanka by Arundhathi Roy. I realized that what the News channels show is only side of the spectrum and sometimes they don’t highlight things which need attention and totally ignore it.

Srilanka has been plagued by war for many years now and LTTE was thought to be the main culprit as projected by the government and the channels. Although there are everyday attacks in Srilanka the news channels don’t report them and that is aggravating the problem there. There is almost no reporting in the Indian media or in the international press about what is happening there. Why this is happening has to be debated on.

This silence from the world media is being used by the Government there to actually root out all the Tamils irrespective of whether they are victims or criminals. This is gross injustice. Thinking that every Tamilian there is a terrorist is as wrong as thinking that every Muslim is a terrorist. This mentality of ours will get us nowhere and create only destruction rather than peace. Working on this principle, the Government has been bombing homes, shelters, and hospitals and turning them into mass graveyards like the concentration camps of the Nazi era. The government might not be as worse as Hitler was but the world has to wake up and take notice of this and do something about it.. According to sources there are about 200,000 civilians who are trapped in this war zones.

The Sri Lankan Army is advancing, armed with tanks and aircraft.While this whole scene is being played out in Srilanka the media has a completely different version to tell. Official reports say that several ‘‘welfare villages’’ have been established to house displaced Tamils. I was stunned to know that few months ago the government started registering all Tamils in Colombo on the grounds that they could be a security threat which is atrocious. On the pretext of fighting the LTTE the government is “wiping out” the Tamils out of the country which can be termed as genocide. The media just shows some eyewitness accounts which are only the tip of an iceberg. The reality is scarier; it’s like a racist war happening there. What amazes me is that when Jade Goody insulted Shilpa Shetty by passing racists comments our media guys reported it like as f there was no other issue left to be discussed on this planet. That Big Boss incident was just between two people but what’s happening in Srilanka involves lakhs of Tamils who are being alienated.

Why the silence? Partly it can be said the government has blocked the media from making any reports which would show them in poor light. Voices of dissent, including those of several journalists, have been abducted and assassinated.

In Tamil Nadu the war in Sri Lanka has led to more than 10 people immolating themselves. Most of that anger is genuine, some of it obviously fuelled by the political parties to make it an election issue. It is surprising that apart from Tamil Nadu, the other states are totally not bothered. Are Tamils not part of India???

It’s high time that the world takes notice of the brutalities that have been thrust upon the poor civilians for no fault of theirs. It really saddens me that INDIA, country in which I reside in is not making efforts to stop this but what about other countries?? How can all of them turn a blind eye towards this..?? Many questions have to be debated on and solutions found out and this can be done only when Media becomes more responsible and reports everything as it is and not get influenced by some government or individual for that matter. From this day on I will make it a point to spend 1 hour reading paper 🙂

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  1. i think INDIA as a country can do nothing.there is one reason.people in INDIA do not no wat to prioritize,wat should be known to them and things like that.

    so we can bring a change in people of INDIA only through one language thats EDUCATION

  2. That attitude of “We cant do anything ” is going to make matters worse..Every country looks for a benefit before entering into this sort of issue and they just wash their hands off saying its an internal issue.US is the best example.They attacked Iraq because of the oil wells not that they were really bothered about the people there..
    Media has huge role to play according to me.Education can teach you to a certain extent but then its upto you to decide what is good for and what is bad.We can just hope that the war in SRILANKA comes to an end sooner than latter.

  3. Yeah tho hain india …. check out usa it does so much for its citizens …. india so take proper stand on dis ….

  4. USA might be caring towards their own people but what they do to other countries is not justified(Attack on Iraq etcc). Indians always have had a very mild reaction to what is happening in Srilanka. Its time to change and change for good 🙂

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