BJP’s reply to Congress Jai Ho Campaign

When the Congress got the rights of Jai ho there was criticism from many parties that they were exploiting the movie. After all that here comes BJP’s jingle in response to congress Jai Ho. It is called Bhay Ho. The ‘Bhay Ho Bhay Ho’ jingle, is sung by some street singers of Hyderabad on the second class passenger bogey and it too like Jai Ho has the same tune but with different lyrics 😀

With this song BJP aims to highlight the failures of UPA Government for the last four year.BJP spokesman Sidharth Nath Singh said that they would be playing the song in the public meetings.So what is this song all about?? ‘Bhay Ho’ focuses on recession, terror and inflation as the jingle highlights people who have lost their jobs and lives.

The 1 minute song has lyrics which go like this

Aaja aaja voter is jhanse ke tale, aaja aaja jhoote moothe vade ke tale .. Bhay ho bhook ho.

Ratti ratti sachi hamne jaan ganvai, bhooke pet jaag jaag raat bitayi, mandi ki maar mein naukri ganva di, gin gin vade hamne jindagi bita di, mandi ho, atank ho, mahangai ho, bhay ho, phir bhi jai ho!

So what do you have to say about this counter attack from BJP? I must say the lyricists are in great demand during the election season 🙂

9 Replies to “BJP’s reply to Congress Jai Ho Campaign”

  1. rahman made a big mistake giving rights of his song to politicians……..good song being murdered……….

  2. what has congress done to say jai ho the song jai ho is awesome but not the congress
    bhay o focuses problem india faces in wake of financial meltdown,rising unemployment,
    series of attacks , and secular party (which congress calls itself) why did it free tytler when u have an eyewitness. the same party rakes up Kandahar again and again did it happen in india to hold bjp responsible it was a ia fligh which was traveling to india.
    bjp understands the pulse of the ppl they want elections on issues this time
    cbi= congress be… of investigation first it was against mayawathi,mulayam ……
    what varun said was wrong and he got right punishmment what abt congress leader in karnataka who made similar comments abt hindus why was nsa not imposed on him
    this rises doubts abt election commision’s integrity .why was afzal guru not hanged when supreme court has said he’s guilty i rest my argument here if u wnat gandhi clan to prosper vote for congress if u wnat india to prosper vote for bjp

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