Negative Voting : Are you + about it???

With General Elections around the corner,all the major parties have launched their campaigns in cyberspace by having their sites.Even CPI(M) which is against American policies has got a site of its own on internet(an invention by an American). It is not just politicians but Netizens, too, who are busy launching campaigns in cyberspace.Among all those campaigns the one that caught my attention was Negative voting.This is the latest buzzword on social networking sites and blogs. So what does it exactly mean.It is an option for voters to reject all candidates in a particular constituency.

Right at the bottom of the EVM there should be an option of a button saying you don’t want to vote for any of the above. That gets registered and counted. That number needs to go out to the public and tell the political class how many people are against any of the candidates. The groups which have been created have sparked off debate among voters of all ages supporting the new train of thought.

In Spain, France, Belgium and Switzerland voters have a blank vote option.But will it work is the biggest question and even if it does will it get a go ahead from the Supreme court..As far as i am concerned, negative voting is very much a practical idea. It’s high time that we should look deep within and amend the concept of democracy. Democracy means rule of people , for the people , by the people so no politicians should be forced on to citizens of India . Present set up has produced politicians like lalu yadav , badal family , chautala family , karunanidhi family etc. who have looted this country and ruled as if they are some feudal lords . Negative voting will give power to people to reject the candidates outrightly and will bring awakening in political parties which is long overdue.It can be used as a tool not only to put few incompetent Candidates on the bar but also to show the parties the real mirror.

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