Beware Download and users

Viruses, malware, spyware, Trojans are only some of the threats that your computer faces while you are happily browsing sites and downloading stuff. Those of you who have good antiviruses can reduce this risk but they cannot totally overcome it. Having just a good antivirus is not enough you need to back it up with a good anitspyware program and a firewall to go with it. With all this you cut out the risk by almost 95 %.

As I was going through some of the sites I saw something which shocked me. and are having threat issues with their softwares. McAfee has something called as McAfeeSiteAdvisor which scans a website for any threat issues. I use these sites regularly and seeing this news i might have to think twice thrice before downloading software from them.

Below is a screenshot of the result when I scanned

McAfee SiteAdvisor scans a site thoroughly. It scans all download files, your email areas, online affiliations. The best part is that you not only get to scan you own site but also other sites.

I tried scanning my site but since it is a new one McAfee couldn’t scan and I submitted it for reviews and awaiting response

My recommendations for best in antivirus antispyware and firewall but if you don’t want to download all of them then I would suggest Mcafee

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4 Replies to “Beware Download and users”

  1. I personally used BitDefender and its crap.. Use kaspersky its best in Antivirus business now.. anyways who needs softpedia and when you have torrents of every little thing already .

  2. For me it worked very well. Kaspersky is the 2nd best and as far as torrents goes many people don’t use them and they use such sites for download..Torrents are also not 100 % safe..

  3. Torrents from sourced sites like mininova are always genuine..
    u need to check again bit defender is not good at all when u compare it with kaspersky.. don’t know why it has been hyped so much..

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