Khans share the same platform for ‘Fair rights for Friday nights’

It was only on 25th of March that Aamir khan’s interview was aired on CNN where he again took on SRK. This has been going on for some time and its now getting too childish. Just when I and many of you thought that this would continue in the near future we have been proved wrong. Today SRK and Aamir khan came together on the same platform to address the tiff between the Film producers and the Multiplex owners.

The problem started this February when the producers guild took on the multiplex owners and demanded 50 % share in the profits which was unacceptable to the multiplex guys and eventually the talks failed and the result is that you won be seeing any of your favourite bollywood movies big or small in Multiplex.

aamir-srk-come together

Aamir khan was of the view and i quote “It should be a partnership of equality. Fifty percent sharing is fair. Distributors and exhibitors have to find a way to make it a viable business within their fifty percent. Within my fifty percent I have to make it profitable,. This is one industry and we all can survive only when each sector will earn a healthy share. We are here to find a solution to this,”

“This is not a power show. We haven’t gathered here to threaten multiplexes. It’s a show of coming together”. That is what SRK had to tell. And he is good at giving one liners in every press conference and he gave one this time too..”We are here for fair rights for Friday nights” I sometimes wonder whether these are his own lines or someone prepares them. Asked about the ongoing spat between him and Aamir SRK was quick to reply that they are friends and both are intelligent though he admitted he is less intelligent than Aamir ..Was that a sarcastic comment or what? God only knows and off course SRK 😀

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