CHARGERS off to a Winning start in IPL season 2

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The day 2 of IPL turned out to be an exciting one for me as Deccan chargers stunned everyone with their performance, not me though as i always had faith in them..It was just that they didn’t gell well last year and were not sure of themselves but it looks like they have come out strong from last year when they finished last in the standings. If it was Bangalore royal challengers last night it was Deccan Chargers tonight. They looked liked a completely different outfit when they came out to field against Kolkata knight riders. A New Jersey, coach and support staff and the attitude of the players, the most important thing has worked wonders for the team. By the way the new outfit was matching the dark blue clouds. I love the outfit :)It was as if the Rain Gods too were happy not to interrupt the proceedings by not having more showers like what happened earlier in the day.

Now coming to the match itself, it was a clinical performance from Gilly’s men. From ball one they had the Kolkata knight riders under the hammer. It all started with Fidel Edwards bowling a fiery spell first up. He is surely a great addition to this team. As a team West Indies might not be a perfect but as individuals they are simply awesome. The energy that they bring in is simply superb. Edwards might be just over 5 feet but he bowled some bouncers which went way ahead of Gayle who is over 6 feet. I guess he is the fastest bowler in this IPL. Edwards’s tight bowling brought rewards to RP who won the man of the match award for his 4 wickets. It was so good to see ojha bowl the way he did. He got 2 batsmen stumped with his beautiful flight. Maybe he took some inspiration from Vettori who earlier in the day had won the man of the match award. Coming to the local talent it was good to see harmeet bowl the way he did. Once he got DADA out it was all over for the knight riders. Coming to the fielding it looked spectacular from ball 1. The catching, ground fielding was simply awesome. The run out from Sharma would have made Jhonty proud. A lot has gone into the fielding this time and it’s showing on the field. Gibbs was at his best in his home town and was well supported by rohit sharma. Laxman looked good but gave it away with his lazy running. If I had to sum up the match it would be


a view endorsed by Ravi Shastry 😛 . Last time Chargers were the Hot favourites and Rajasthan royals the least but what happened everyone knows..So this time around nobody is expecting from Chargers and that means no pressure on the players which can lead to better performances like tonight.As they say “It is sometimes better to be on the wrong side rather than be in the hot seat and have all the attention“.

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Coming to the first match of the day between Delhi Daredevils Vs Punjab’s Kings 11. It was again Delhi all the way. It was a rain curtailed match of 12 over’s a side. It was disappointing to not have a full match but nevertheless we got a game. Kings 11 were put into bat and got off to a rollicking start with goel smacking the ball to all parts of the ground. They had amassed close to 70 runs without losing a wicket when vettori stuck and it was all downslide for the kings 11 from there..They could only reach 104/7 in 12 over’s when they could have easily 20 more. Vettori was the star once again showing that spinners are the key in T20.When Viru and Gauti came out to bat it was expected that they would go bang bang from ball one and they didn’t disappoint. It rained again and the target was revised to 54 in 6 overs which was too easy for them not that 104 wasn’t. They reached home without losing any wicket. Vettori was declared the man of the match for his 3/15 spell in 3 overs. Click here for full scorecard.

Yes, I did it

From what I have seen so far of the 4 matches it is clear that it is not going to be only the batsmen but the blowers too who will have a say. Spin will play a big role in any team’s success. All the spinners till now have performed and 2 have got man of the match awards too. The players especially the Indians should have to get used to the conditions and the faster they do that better it will be for them and their team. It’s such an irony that 2 teams which were at the bottom of the table last year have come out and won their opening matches emphatically that it makes me wonder whether it’s the place change that’s making the difference. The team standings are totally reverse to what was last year at the start. By the looks of it, it is sure that we are going to have a superb tournament ahead.Stay TUNED!!!!!!

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  1. Yeah, Fidel Edwards is the prize addition to our team… Just the enthu and intensity he brings to the field is awesome.. 🙂
    Hoping we’d continue the same performance; so that we’d have logo other than “Deccan Chronicles’ ” on their T-shirt.. 😉
    I guess premium sponsor is yet to arrive.. 🙂

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