Old Devils Rock Day 1 of IPL

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“When the going gets tough the tough get going” – This phrase is very apt for Dravid who once again showed his class in the 2nd match of the IPL. The WALL might have no chance to make a comeback in ODI’s but he made a very strong statement on Sunday when he smashed 66 of just 48 balls. If it was Rahul Dravid in batting it was the old warhorse Anil Kumble who took a splendid 5/5 in 3.1 over’s which is the best bowling performance in International T20 matches..Correct me if I am wrong :). He might have retired from International Cricket but definitely has not lost his radar. He was spot on from ball one. You could see what that knock of 66 meant to dravid…Immediately after getting that 50 he raised his bat towards the dressing room not once but twice as if to say to Mallaya that he might not be the captain anymore but he is still as good as any youngster in his team. It was a disappointing performance from the Rajasthan Royals and Shane Warne was not mincing any words when he said it was embarrassing. Embarrassing it was but to see the shots that they got out was shocking. Click here for the whole scorecard

Answering his Critics

Earlier in the day the Mumbai Indians kicked off their IPL campaign with an easy win against Chennai Super Kings. You could see the difference what one man can make to a teams balance.Sachin was at his best playing mostly conventional cricket emphasizing that its not all slam bang which works in T20.Though Sachin was awarded the man of the match for anchoring the Mumbai innings it was the young Abhishek Nayar who gave some impetus to the innings by smashing not one but 3 sixes of Freddie’s bowling which was simply a treat to watch. Malinga for once was accurate and with his pace it was difficult for the super kings to get their innings rolling. 3 wickets for 15 runs was an equally good performance and according to me all the three should have shared the man of the match :). Click here for the whole scorecard

Sachin on a ROLL

It is rare that an opening ceremony is held after the matches. The opening ceremony started at 12:30 am IST and it was different from the one we had in INDIA.. The initial part was boring but as soon as the acrobatics took the centre stage i couldn’t take my eyes of them. Overall the opening ceremony was ok, not great but definitely not bad to give it a miss. Special mention for those two people on skates who were simply superb. Set MAX commercials again proved to be the big disappointment. I simply can get this..Everyone was waiting for the opening ceremony and it was 12:30 when it got underway. Why cant they put aside the commercial aspect for an hour considering that nobody would like to see ads at the time of the night and definitely not in the middle of the ceremony. This happens only on Indian channels and Indian events. I can’t imagine this happening in OLYMPICS or even in formula 1 where they hardly have any ads in the entire race. This is the very reason that I am not in favour of awarding television right contracts to non-sport channels.

It would be unfair if I end my post without mentioning the black canine incident. They say that “Every dog has its day” and the black dog surely had a field day in the first match when it stopped the proceedings by dodging the ground staff .If the acrobats were simply stunning with their flexibility the dog was not to be left behind. It disrupted the play for 10 min and it finally fell into the trap as a female staff gave it a few loaves of what seemed to be bread. The season 2 of the IPL surely has got off to a great start with the defending champions and the runners up biting the dust in their first match.

Who let the DOG in ??????

Today’s matches: Delhi DareDevils Vs Kings 11 Punjab and Deccan Chargers Vs Kolkata Knight Riders. It will be interesting to see if the other two of the FAB 4 Ganguly and Laxman, if they can play the same role that Sachin and Dravid played for their teams on Day 1. Will SRK and Priety Zinta join Shilpa Shetty on the losing side..Let’s wait and see..One thing is certain. South African pitches are going to offer something for the bowlers and it’s not going to be all slam-bang . Sensible cricket will win the game at the end of the day. Do share your comments on what you thought was the highlight of Day 1.

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