16 Mbps Connection from Airtel !!!!!!

It is election time and all the political parties have started online campaigning by launching their sites to reach out to tech savvy voters. I don’t see the point. Over 50 % of the population lives in villages where the net connectivity is not good and even if there is online connectivity the speed is not good enough. Even in cities right now the broadband connections being offered are 2Mbps.

I was going through a news item which said INDIA ranks 115 among 223 countries in average net connection speed which just goes to show how poor the broadband connection is in our country. INDIA has an average connection speed of 772 Kbps when compared with the global average of 1.5 Mbps (exact half) and we say we are a tech savvy nation.

On the brighter side, the broadband connections are on the rise in INDIA and right now we have 4 major players (BSNL, AIRTEL, TATA, RELIANCE) offering broadband services and BSNL is the most affordable and has customer friendly plans. When BSNL launched 2 Mbps connection a few years back I was like Wowww!!!! But times have changed and now even that speed is not sufficient for heavy downloader’s like me. Some good news for people who are not happy with the 2 Mbps connection.

Airtel has launched 16 Mbps broadband which will be initially available in Delhi, Chennai and Bangalore with phased roll-out in Hyderabad, Pune, Mumbai and Kolkata.Airtel delivers its broadband service to customers through a fiber backbone of Carrier Ethernet Network with last mile delivery on copper using ADSL2+ technology. This technology enables ultra high-speed broadband which is scalable and affordable.

Airtel Broadband 16Mbps

2 Tariff plans are available to choose from

– Speed Combo 2999 – receive 16 Mbps broadband speed with monthly data transfer limit of 20 GB along with a fixed line connection at Rs. 2999 per month.

– Speed Combo 4999 – receive 16 Mbps broadband speed with monthly data transfer limit of 50 GB along with a fixed line connection at Rs. 4999 per month.

I am not a great fan of Airtel despite it being the leading private broadband service provider and will wait for BSNL to soon upgrade the speed and provide a better deal because the price being charged by Airtel is a bit too high but those who feel that they can afford it go and get it. Happy DOWNLOADING 🙂

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  1. Whenever a new product or service is launched the cost is always high since a lot would have gone into making it possible so you cant expect it to be cheap by any means..Its more of a business plan..Have to wait sometime before you can say that it is affordable..Cheers 🙂

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