Its no longer going to be 10 digits !!!

Wondering what I was thinking when I wrote the title for this post. Its something which has become a part of our lives and we cant part with it even for a day. These days we find everyone with a mobile phone. Right from the vegetable vendor to an executive everyone has a mobile phone suiting their needs. While a vegetable vendor might have simple phone with the basic functions of text messaging and calling whereas those going to college would like to have touch phones with all the multimedia support and executives a Blackberry. Having a phone would mean having to subscribe with any of the operators available in the market to get the 10 digit number to stay connected with the world.

india_mobileEverything was going on well and suddenly i came to know that the no of mobile subscribers in India have reached a figure which is giving some headaches to the Department of Telecommunications. Why would anyone have a problem with the no of subscribers??? Well its the number, 10 digit numbers. Sources say that there is no room for more subscribers after august as they would have exhausted with all available permutations and combinations. I was wondering with a 10 digit number we could have 10 power 10 combinations but then all numbers have to start with 9 so that is fixed leaving 9 digits => 10^9 ie 100 crores.. There were 346.9 million (35 crores) subscribers  at the end of year 2008 .India ranks second in the world after china to have the fastest growing mobile subscribers. I guess this has happened because of people maintaining multiple numbers one for personal use and another for business use.

So what’s the solution? Quite simple to put it on paper but will need the expertise of the people involved in this business to actually transform the current 10 digit numbers to 11 digit numbers. So if you thought it was difficult to remember 10 digits then wait for Jan 2010 when this change would take place .I wonder if they are going to add one more 9 at the beginning

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  1. Those going to college like touch screen phones? wtf? what sort of generalisation is that

    i go to college and i fucking hate touch screen phones. especially the iphone. full keyboard ftw

  2. Well I didn’t want to write that initially but then i wrote what came to my mind that time..well i correct it ..multimedia phones. I am no fan of iPhone either 🙂

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