Its Chargers night at CapeTown again :)

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Cape town is proving to be lucky for Deccan Chargers unlike Hyderabad where they lost all the matches. The good part is that they have one match chasing and another batting first. By virtue of yesterday’s win Deccan Chargers are sitting pretty at the top of the table. That’s why I have always thought that history might have some effect but what matters is how you play that day and chargers are surely at the top of their game.

Gayle Goes mad at Durban

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I couldn’t see the match between KKR and Kings 11 Punjab because I was out but watched the highlights. Every one was happy that IPL was being played in South Africe but rain is playing spoilsport in almost all the matches that have been played till now with 2 matches being decided on D/L method and one match totally washed out

Yahoo to axe 5 % of its workforce

In my previous post I had talked about Oracle Acquiring Sun. But it’s not all merry at Yahoo which announced today that it will be axing 5 % of its workforce. Job losses are everywhere but to see the internet Giant do this is a bit disappointing. It just goes to show that you can be very big in your field but when times are bad you are not immune to it.


Oracle buys Sun Microsystems

Recession is here and companies around the world are struggling to stay afloat with some of them doing so on account of huge bailouts given by the Governments. Financial industry has been hit hard and IT industry is not far behind with job losses being the order of the day. Considering all these a acquisition of a company by another company is least expected but that is what has happened with ORACLE Corporation buying out Sun Microsystems for only a sum of 7.4 billion $

Oracle buys Sun

Hayden, Murali come good for Chennai Super Kings

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It is not often that a world class spinner who has the world record for the most number of wickets is left out of the team. Chennai Super kings didn’t make that blunder again and it paid immediate dividends and Murali picked up the man of the match award. It was one way traffic from ball one…Hayden showed that he has not lost one bit of his batting prowess despite retiring from international cricket. It was a blazing knock from him which set the Bangalore Royal challengers on the back foot and they couldn’t recover from it though they pulled it back a little bit.

CHARGERS off to a Winning start in IPL season 2

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The day 2 of IPL turned out to be an exciting one for me as Deccan chargers stunned everyone with their performance, not me though as i always had faith in them..It was just that they didn’t gell well last year and were not sure of themselves but it looks like they have come out strong from last year when they finished last in the standings. If it was Bangalore royal challengers last night it was Deccan Chargers tonight. They looked liked a completely different outfit when they came out to field against Kolkata knight riders. A New Jersey, coach and support staff and the attitude of the players, the most important thing has worked wonders for the team. By the way the new outfit was matching the dark blue clouds. I love the outfit :)It was as if the Rain Gods too were happy not to interrupt the proceedings by not having more showers like what happened earlier in the day.

A gadget with SIXTH SENSE

All of us have 5 senses but not many are gifted with what is known as sixth sense..Many movies have been made in Hollywood and Bollywood with sixth sense as the subject. Many researches are being conducted to find out how exactly this works .Yesterday i was going through a video and it shocked me that students from MIT have actually found out a way where every one of us can have that sixth sense .Pranav mistry as told by Pattie Maes has been the lead in this project.


It’s that time of the year again when we Indians turn up in large numbers to elect the representatives to run our state and country. This year 43 million new voters will be casting their vote and exercising the right to VOTE for the first time. Its high time that the youth of the country vote and show the greedy corrupt politicians that we are no longer going to be fooled by them and not let INDIA be ruined by them.43 million accounts for 6 % of the total voter count which is 700 million. This is quite a big number and we need to use this vote if we wish to see a better progressive INDIA in the future.

A picture is Worth a Thousand words

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They say “A picture is equivalent to thousand words”. Whenever I see an Airtel ad I get reminded of this Chinese proverb. Every time they come up with an add there is something new to it. Kudos to the creative team .The airtel ad is an amazing journey into the entire gamut of human emotions. It is a compendium of Human expressions at its simplest best 🙂