After BUSH its now Chidambaran turn to be shoed

It was only 3 months back on Dec 15th that an Iraqi Journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi stood up and shouted “this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog,” before hurling a shoe at Mr. Bush which narrowly missed him. That incident captured the headlines around the world and Bush was smart and agile enough to duck under it. Click here to view the video

The latest victim is Mr Chidambaram, the home minister of INDIA who was speaking at a press conference addressing the journalists about terror and the congress policies and in the question answer session that was going on, a well known beat journalist Jarnail singh, working for the well known daily Dainik Jagran asked the HM a question regarding the clean chit given to Tytler in the 84 sikh riots. HM tried to evade the question and out of nowhere a show is thrown at HM and the culprit this time was Jarnail singh. Chidambaran too was good enough to dodge and the shoe narrowly missed him. Unlike bush who was surprised Chidambaram was composed and asked the security to take him away gently and asked the reporters to not to get distracted.

The surprising thing to be noted here is that Mr Jarnail Singh is a well known journalist and supposed to be close to congress and this thing was not expected but Jarnail singh was quick to apologize and he felt that the Sikhs have been denied justice and he couldn’t control his temper and he is ashamed of his behavior. So are we expecting online games on this issue like what happened when Bush was shoed. This being election season in INDIA I think there is a strong case for a game 🙂

Guess what the Akali party has offered 2 lakhs to Jarnail singh for the action of his and the shoe is also being auctioned……..Yeh INDIA hai ,..Kuch bhi Munkin hai(This is INDIA,everthing is possible)

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  1. This is ridiculous man! If u see the complete clip shown by one of the regional channels, its clear he did that not exactly out of frustration but bcoz he just wanted to do it. Seating himself in the 1st row then asking one question after another n then again a 3rd question. That was when PC insisted he also has to answer other journos. Then he picks up his already removed shoe n then coolly goes for an under-arm volley! Intentionally not aiming at PC but just throwing it for the sake of attention! N look this has worked wonders for the Jagdish Tytler issue which no number of dharnas or fasts would hav matched. I wouldnt be surprised if his community regards him as a hero. For them he should be one. I can just hope this does not become a ‘textbook’ method of protest in future going by the attention such an act could generate.

  2. I have not seen any local channels. He is a beat journalist and his area of interest is defence and he is close to congress. He sat in the front row because he is well reputed and in any press conference the reporters are given their respected positions. Yes he could have done that intentionally but then he was quick to apologize (Not that i am supporting him).I condemn such attacks and press should show some restraint while addressing issues. You might have hundred issues in your mind but as a reporter they should act sensibly and not behave in the manner which Jarnail singh did today.
    Coming to the Jagdish tytler issue Congress has done a big blunder by giving him the ticket..The timing of CBI giving him the clean chit is questionable. Even though he was cleared I don’t think congress should have given him the ticket..Now with this incident other parties will rake up this issue again and gain some mileage points.

  3. Yeah u r right. I am not defending any political party here. I just wanted to make it clear how it happened. It was so unwarranted on his part. So do reputed jouros sit after removing their footwear. Would hav bought that too if it were a sandle or something. Man a sport shoe. The point is he went on asking question n waiting for some provocation from PC but it just didnt come of well. Congress should hav washed that blot off itself long before. 25 years n still counting for justice is unpardonable. Wish congress could have handled the riots incident well. Atleast they always seemed apolegetic abt it unlike other parties. Congress had won some brownie points back then by appointing Manmohan Singh as PM but they couldnt caitalise on it. Yes they could hav done away with givin Tytler the ticket.

  4. This is INDIA and when it comes to judiciary it is one of the worst in the world. I don’t understand how can a case go on and on for years together.As is the case with other systems money and influence speaks here too sadly 🙁 . CBI has become a puppet in the hands of the congress.. It can no longer be trusted..

  5. Used to be a time when someone throwing their shoe at you ment they were so angry and it was the first thing readily to ..hand. Hmmm

    Funny how anything can have other implications

  6. I must say i got to learn a lot of new n true facts in the Tytler’s press conference today! Hope u had lend an ear to that !
    I must correct u CBI has always been a puppet in the hands of the ruling governments be it Congress or the NDA !
    Why India most of the places its like that! N need i say money n influence works almost everywhere! Maybe more here in India !

  7. I didn’t see television for the whole of yesterday which is a big surprise 😀 Was busy with my project and then online.. I know that he has withdrawn his nomination but didn’t bother to read what he said in the press conference .What new facts did you find out..CBI hi reliable nahi hai toh now which source are you referring to when you say facts

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