Celebrities a big FLOP in Politics

Elections are here and all the parties are busy finalizing their candidates who will be fighting it out to get their hands on a lok sabha seat or an assembly seat which will secure their life for 5 years  and give them the ample opportunity to practice corruption and get a degree in it 😀 This is one exam that I can assure you that the politicians will never fail in. They always live up to the expectations and many a time shock us with their loot 🙁

Getting onto a more serious note there is one thing that has caught my attention these elections. Celebrities campaigning or contesting this time. Its not the first time that this is happening but somehow only this year its become a bit too much. Every news channel that i see or even read the paper i find some celebrity or the other campaigning or getting involved in the elections.

Agreed that they can be heroes, villains, politicians on the silver screen but politics is a completely different ball game. Many of those who are already into the business and others who are taking the plunge this year have to work out on their roles otherwise they are not going to survive and even if they do by some hook or crook they will be making a complete fool of themselves.

Govinda who is known for his comedy in movies entered politics in the year 2004 and he got elected to everyone’s surprise. But what about the result. He has hardly attended the parliament sessions(10%).At this point of time I would like to mention that engineering students are not allowed to write their exams if they have very less attendance .When we can be penalized why not the politicians?? They should simply deny the guy a ticket in the next election. He has not done any work for his constituency too. Mr govinda do something other than slapping people (remember that incident)

Dharmendra who gave us the all time hit Sholay but i guess his political career is a complete flop. Perhaps he should take a cue from his wife Hema Malini,a rajya sabha MP who atleast takes the burden of attending the party meetings. Rajesh khanna too falls in the same leagues as paaji dharmendar. However the other khanna Vinodh Khanna is busy with his party work though he plays the host for opposition leaders book launches .I cant forget to mention Mrs Jaya Bachchan who is a Rajya sabha MP for SP. If i ever meet Amar Singh I would like to give him a tight slap and ask him “Kyaa dekha Jaya jii mein ki rajya sabha ka ticket de diye”. She does not bother to ask any question except the one regarding the notice sent by the tax department to her hubby Mr. AB. What the hell .You are not sitting in the chair to look after your own family..Shatrughan Sinha is perhaps the only celebrity who seems to have learnt the art of netagiri.

The most recent case being that of Sanjay Dutt. I know that we have candidates who have charges against them and still fight the elections and some do that right from the jails. But I don’t get this. First he has been sentenced for some years of imprisonment and all of a sudden he comes out and is looking to fight the elections. He was looking to start a new career in politics and that seems to have hit a speed breaker even before it could take off when the Supreme Court had given an order saying that munnabhai can’t contest elections. Even after denying the ticket he is given the post of General Secretary of SP which just makes me think are there no better choices for these parties. Its sad that Sunil Dutt who served his north west Mumbai constituency for 5 sessions has a son like him.

We have seen them rule the silver screen for many years and now they are still craving for attention by jumping into politics. Why can’t they just cool their heels sitting at home? They have all the comforts and yet they want the neta tag .At the end of the day I feel that abinetha(actor) can seldom be a good neta(politician)..There are rare cases but very rare. The best part is that in bollywood or politics work speaks. Your film will work if you do good work and the same in politics.Hope people are sensible enough and not vote for celebrities

2 Replies to “Celebrities a big FLOP in Politics”

  1. u no y celebrties join politics

    people need to someone
    really well known to them.and they find these celbrities well known.

    this the same everywere.

    the people who r educated behave the same
    there was a question who would be the nxt obama
    the there is this girl
    felt like shooting her down
    mad crack she is

  2. Dude there are lot of other people who are better qualified to enter into politics and moreover just getting the votes is not important..you have to work for your constituency. They don’t seem to get the difference between Reel life and Real life

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