Vote for integrity, Vote for good people

The world’s most populous democracy in the world i.e. INDIA will be going to polls starting 16th April and going on till 13th May. A large percentage of voters are not even aware of the candidates in their constituency and vote blindly for somebody and mostly those candidates turn out to be ones against whom criminal charges have been framed. This ignorance is the reason for all our woes. Whatever we are facing now is because of us. Why blame the politicians for it.

This very reason has made Aamir Khan come out with a nationwide campaign aimed at increasing awareness among the voters about their candidates so that India can get a good better and a stable government which looks highly impossible as of now. But nevertheless it’s a good initiative started by Aamir khan .The campaign is titled”Sacche ko chune, Acche ko chune” (vote for integrity, vote for good people). I don’t know how many good people are out there for us to make choice but for some who are there let our vote count. Aamir khan productions will be bearing the entire cost of this campaign which will include add films, print adds, and will extensively use the online media to make it a huge hit. Well known lyricist prasson joshi,Delhi 6 director Rakyesh Mehra have been roped in by Aamir and the best part is that he is doing it for FREE. The campaign will be in 10 languages

On this Day (APRIL FOOL’S AY) let us not be FOOLS again for the next five years. Realize voting power. Vote for the best 🙂

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