No Windows 7 upgrade for XP users !!!!!

I was a bit shocked upon seeing this news that Microsoft won’t provide an upgrade to Windows 7 for XP users. This has come as a shock to me and many others who were thinking that they could start using Windows 7 when it releases although the beta version is out. I have been using Windows XP since it came into the market 8 years back and I was pretty much happy with the OS.


When Vista was released 2 years back there was huge excitement about the new OS but Microsoft didn’t deliver a product of quality that is usually expected from them. The fact that the new laptops came with Vista pre installed was clearly a sign that Microsoft was trying to force upon users to shift to Vista from XP. Now no laptop comes with XP preinstalled so you are forced to use vista unless you have a original XP or an illegal torrent version of it :D.

I have tested out the Windows 7 and it looks superb. The performance is far better than Vista and XP.. I have Vista and windows 7 on my laptop and XP on my desktop. So when this news came in I knew that I could not use Windows 7 on desktop unless I installed it as a fresh OS not as an upgrade. But i guess Microsoft is right in their own way. There are simply too many changes in how PCs have been configured (applets, hardware support, driver model, etc) that having all of that support carry forth to Windows 7 would not be nearly as high quality as a clean install.

I always prefer a fresh install and i am not a fan of Upgrade. There is a small consolation however. The users will be provided the option of moving files and settings while installing windows 7 thought the applications have to be reinstalled. Windows 7 is expected be releasing this august.Its wait and watch till that time. New announcements about windows 7 watch out for this space 🙂

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