A picture is Worth a Thousand words

Dont forget to see the video after reading the post 😀

They say “A picture is equivalent to thousand words”. Whenever I see an Airtel ad I get reminded of this Chinese proverb. Every time they come up with an add there is something new to it. Kudos to the creative team .The airtel ad is an amazing journey into the entire gamut of human emotions. It is a compendium of Human expressions at its simplest best 🙂

The latest ad from them in the field of telecommunications is so touching and sweet. The way they portray the need for better communication by showing the boy who gets caught red handed by his mother and then his efforts to convince her mother is so endearing. click here to see the ad. In all Airtel ads there is one thing common – they leave it to the user to decipher the add rather than they forcing their view on the viewers. Such ads just go to show that star power is always not needed to promote your brand. The more simple you keep the more effective it becomes is what I think and Airtel surely knows that. They too had star power initially but when the brand was known and it was established they have done away with star power and now are creative enough to be as effective like before but minus the stars.

Its only the initial phase when they enter into a different market like recently when they entered the digital TV segment they roped in stars not one but 5 of them(saif-kareena,AR,Zak-gauti). Click here to see this ad. Recently I had posted about the 16 Mbps launch by Airtel and the whole purpose of writing this post was this as I wanted you to see the latest ad from them in broadband which again goes without saying is superb.

AR Rahman ad, Madhavan ad, AR Rahman jingle

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