ZooZoo the new brand ambassador of Vodafone

In one of my earlier posts i had written about Airtel ads and how creative they are when they come up with their commercial ads. But as a Vodafone customer I think Vodafone is the best when it comes to advertising. Airtel has relied on star power always but Vodafone has always used the dog, much cheaper option and much more appealing too compared to the starry ads.

Surely pretty much everyone has seen the commercial in which the dog follows the little kid everywhere. After the ad was aired on T.V the breed become so popular that almost 50,000 pups were sold. Buy i guess the pug has retired and now Vodafone has come up with Zoozoos!!! These cute, lively and funny characters have now become an icon for Vodafone. Fre

sh from the Vodafone shelf, these characters promote the telecom giantโ€™s Value Added Services in a quirky and interesting way. If you watch cricket then you would have seen this commercials as Vodafone is airing them between overs of IPL matches.

Vodafone- ZOOZOO

Everything from the catchy music, their movements and their ultra wacky expressions makes you really pay attention…truly made me a FAN. Advertising break through no doubt. They scream they laugh and they talk gibberish…..i would like to call them the voda aliens …lol. They are damn cute, innocent and yet so expressive…. after the hutch pup, this is another feather in the cap of Vodafone. A pat on the back of creative team of Vodafone… keep up the good work guys…. ๐Ÿ™‚

Zoozoo is made world famous by his usage as even emoticons on sites like Facebook and few other community sites… Apart from there he is being promoted so hard and has become the current brand ambassador.. Who under the sun needs Big B, SRK or sachin when they have the cutest models like this in town. I think Vodafone should come out with ZooZoo merchandise..It will be a huge hit.

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  1. it shows tha creative mind of vodafone owner………
    thanks for this cute intresting….and funny introduction to zoozoo family

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