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Hi everyone . Exams are coming to an end and so is our Engineering life so it would be a good idea to have a farewell . What do you think???? Please chose one of the options and if it is yes then do suggest some places where you would like to have it(Comment box provided at the bottom)

12 Replies to “Farewell Poll”

  1. dude it would be good if we decide venues and have a oll to choose the best one out of it !!!

  2. Actually i am more tilted toward No at the moment, but can change the decisions given it suits me.

  3. What cant see???? Everyone can see…Use firefox and maybe some addon might be blocking the poll..Just cross check once and then select your option

  4. I have not yet thought about the contest yet. Once the contest is up you can attempt it and if you are lucky enough then you will get one 🙂

  5. When you met me today i told you what might be the reason and you again asking me the same thing that omair asked. refer to the reply that i gave to omair

  6. Well things coming out to be more positive…. Then lets do it buddies lets have a blast… as far as the venue and date is concerned it can be done only if we all meet in person decide a date to meet in college so that we can decide on it

  7. i know ur contest wil never start. So simply send an invite for bwtorrent. In return i’ll click on ur ads ..DEAL or NO DEAL??

  8. I don’t have an idea why would someone feel that there should not be a farewell/get together?……I am for havin a farewell 🙂

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