Smoking Kills and from May 31st you will see how

There are many days every year that are observed either to commemorate people or some important historical event. I am not talking about those silly mother-in-laws day here. While businessmen were wondering on how to best market each day of the year to the gullible public, WHO quietly proposed that May 31 of each year be observed as World No Tobacco Day, in 1987 .Every year they come up with a new theme and this year’s theme is “Tobacco Health Warnings”. Tobacco health warnings appear on packs of cigarettes and are among the strongest defences against the global epidemic of tobacco.

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WHO particularly approves of tobacco health warnings that contain both pictures and words because they are the most effective at convincing people to quit. Such pictorial warnings appear in more than a dozen countries. On this day you will see it everywhere, banners reminding you, news channels discussing it and articles in the dailies also. But what exactly was the intention behind it? Simple to make the world a healthier place to live in. Everyone knows how harmful smoking is not only to the one who is addicted to it but also to the non-smoker. If you don’t then you must watch this video.

It’s been proven that “smoking one cigarette cuts around 5 minutes of your life. The same thing is said about kissing though it’s best to take that with a bucket of salt”.

In India, Government has been taking few steps to curb this addiction among the youth and one such initiative was to ban actors from smoking in cinema and TV. It was, for all intents and purposes, a good move, but it died a quick death, so to speak. Some countries, however, have stringent laws in place. The need for pictorial warnings on the cigarette packets will be finally implemented after a long drawn battle between health activists, NGOs and tobacco lobby under whose pressure the move was earlier deferred for six months.

So with effect from today (May 31st 09) you will find pictorial warnings like the skull and cross-bones or a cancer-disfigured face or diseased lungs on the packaging of tobacco products which would occupy 40 per cent of the space on the front of all packets of tobacco products. While usage of strong warnings like skull and cross bones or a cancer-disfigured face is optional, it is mandatory to have scorpion and diseased lungs on all tobacco products.

For all the Smokers out there just try out this link.

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  1. These kind of programs increase publicity to tobacco.It might be negative publicity but people especially youth would be curious to know about it.I happened to see a movie called “Premaku Velayara”.The hero actually publicises that his brand of cigarettes contain someharmful drug in that.People start to buy it in huge amounts.Even though it is negative publicity it helped in cigarette sales.It is also true in real life.More we publicise it more will the curiosity increase.It would be better if we leave it aside atleast people will not know about it.Hence no curiosity hence no demand for the product.

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