T20 Match of a Different Kind

I surprised myself when I got up at 6 AM (IST) on 16th Sep . It was just the day before that I had finished my exams, the last of my Engineering life and I would have definitely loved to get a good night sleep but that didn’t materialize as i was awake till almost 3 in the morning doing what i like best, browsing :) before I decided to have some sleep so that I could get up early in the morning. I had actually been thinking of getting up at 6AM on this day for some days now. The Surprising part is that I got up exactly at 6 without any alarm. Whenever I have something to do I do keep an alarm as most people do though there are some people who are gifted with a timer within but I was never that gifted. As I had mentioned that I slept at about 3 and so forgot to keep the alarm but God was kind enough to wake me up :) Maybe he too didn’t want me to miss the action on this day….So what was going to happen on this day 16th of May…..It was the Counting Day for the General Elections 09.I don’t remember myself getting up on perhaps one of the most important days in my life that would shape my career ie results of competitive exams so why this special affinity towards Politics that is making me break every rule in my book. I have always been interested in Politics but this time it was different. There has always been an excitement surrounding the counting day of any election but this time it was going to be a close contest to the road to Power….

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The day the final phase got over the news channels didn’t lose any time to give us their pent-up, secretly kept, officially asphyxiated exit poll or post-poll surveys. Across channels, the drama ensued, with every show anchor on a ballistic binge, participating guests looking suitably grave and portending analytical expressions, and graphic images screaming new arithmetical formulations. It was heavy-duty brain haemorrhage. I was not sure of which exit poll to believe but I was sure of one thing that the TRPs of English and Hindi news channels would have definitely come close to matching that of IPL if not surpass it. After all it was the trailer before the biggest spectacle. I am crazy about cricket and love Politics. With the IPL season on I have been glued to SetMax but at the same time I have been switching channels in between advertisements to catch all the news on the political ground. I would like to compare this General election to a T20 match with all the parties confident of coming to power but yet there is no clear indication as to which party would have the final laugh. The counting begins at 8 AM and trends would be coming in as early as 9 AM and its going to be a very close contest between the 2 major parties Congress and BJP.

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Tamil Nadu could be the deciding factor in this elections as it always has been with both DMK and AAIDMK fighting it hard and its going to be a crucial match for the Chennai SuperKings in the IPL too.The Chennai people will be busy flipping channels to get the latest from the cricket field and the political field. Deccan Chargers too has  a crucial match with the Knight Riders and here in Andhra  Pradesh it will be a tense day for the Congress as they will be looking to come back to power in the state and hope to make it big at the National level too.. Finally I would like to say that there are going to be 2 centurions in this Match and whoever gets 150 and over can stay in the contest and if any of them get 200 its Game over. The middle order (The allies) is going to be as crucial as the top 2 parties if we are to get a stable government. Let’s Wait and Watch ….It’s going to be a week or so before the parties can reach some consensus to form the government. I guess it would be again a clash with the IPL Final….

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