Bing Zips Past Yahoo To Be Number 2 in Search slot!

A few days back I had posted about Bing, Microsoft’s modified Live Search. In that post I had mentioned that Microsoft would be spending close to 100 million $ on advertising to promote Bing and it seems that the campaign is already working wonders. Believe it or not Bing has gone past Yahoo to take the No 2 slot both in the US and worldwide. Even the Microsoft guys will be stunned with this piece of news. On one side Yahoo will be shell shocked and on the other side Google might be wondering what’s so different with Bing which has resulted in such a positive response from the people worldwide.

According to StatCounter Global Stats (an Internet research firm that tracks page loads) Bing has surpassed Yahoo search in its very first week! This brings Bing in the market with a bang at number 2 slot on the list of top search engines worldwide.


As per the reports, here are some recent stats:

In the US:

  • Bing exceeds Yahoo with 16.28 % of the market
  • Yahoo drops to the third place with 10.22 %
  • Google still dominates the U.S. search market with 71.47 %,


  • Bing has taken a smaller lead over Yahoo at 5.62 %
  • Yahoo holds 5.13 % of the market
  • Google stands strong with 87.62 % of the market

Aodhan Cullen, chief executive of StatCounter says:

“It is big news and is a big change… Bing just came on a few days ago and has taken the number-two slot both in the U.S. and worldwide.”

Worldwide Stats

WorldWide stats Bing

US Stats

US stats Bing

Microsoft has always been very aggressive in their advertising campaigns and whenever they launch a new product or service. But never before have we seen such an advertising strategy which would have surpassed their own expectations .Microsoft was expecting to see Bing at the second position in the search engine market within five years. Maybe they overestimated the time by 259 weeks 🙂


Now that it has dethroned Yahoo from the No 2 slot it remains to be seen for how long they can sustain it. Hope this outcome is not a result of the excitement that usually surrounds a new launch. But for now all those who have been involved in the designing of the new Search Service and the marketing team would be over the moon….

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