Scrapping of 10th Boards..Good or Bad

sibalHis predecessor institutionalized the term -detoxification and at the end of his tenure Arjun Singh ended up as the most controversial education minister. Kapil Sibal, the present education minister has gone one step ahead and has come up with a proposal to scrap the 10th class board exams which has sparked off a huge debate. This is only one of the things mentioned in his 100 day ambitious plan.

According to Sibal the examination-based system is a source of trauma for both parents and students.” I think we should not let the students and their parents go through this immense trauma at a such young age”.Sibal also said it this ministry will do its best to implement the Yash Pal Committee report within 100 days. The biggest challenge would be to get the state boards on board who have reacted differently on this issue. While Gujarat is for it and UP has already gone one step ahead by implementing a grading system in 10th, other states like Punjab and WB are against it.

So what implications will this have once implemented?? The whole purpose behind scrapping the 10th boards is to free the students from stress that they undergo writing the exams. But on the contrary they will have to undergo the same exam stress when they write their 12th boards. So what’s the point in scrapping the 10th exams? Who does not lead a stressful life today and moreover 10th boards can make them lose that fear of exams when they write the all important 12th exams.

It is an age-old system. Scrapping something is easy. Kapil Sibal should clearly spell out the advantages of scrapping the Board Exam and how it will benefit the future generation. Don’t do something for instant popularity, without assessing its long term repercussions. Ridiculous mob-pandering idea. “Pressure on young kids”, sorry Mr Sibal life is about pressure, these are 14 and 15 year olds we are talking about not 6 year old babies, they need to learn to deal with pressure instead of being mollycoddled(like they are trying to do in the US and Britain) and then thrust into the world when they finish college. Percentiles will only increase pressure, not to mention the cut throat competition so that idea is pure nonsense.

Learning should be a pleasure not pressure to clear the exams. While I am against the idea of scrapping the exams, I would like to see some changes in the system. Increasing the practical portion of the overall mark is a great idea, only if practicals are not just a way for teachers to blackmail students and show off their authority, not to mention make money from tuitions. The pathetic condition of govt schools and colleges should be looked into and a serious thought should be given into the corrupt way practical exams are conducted in this country and the disparity b/w school syllabus.

Indians are renowned for their intelligence and professionalism the world over and Obama too endorses that. So Before taking a major step towards revolutionalizing the education system in India, a lot of thought needs to go into the pros and cons of implementing the changes. What is your opinion on this???

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  1. ‘…these are 14 and 15 year olds we are talking about not 6 year old babies, they need to learn to deal with pressure instead of being mollycoddled..”

    An overwhelming majority of Indians don’t have the social support needed to handle the stress of exams. The ones who are poor, and the ones who live in rural and semi urban India. You are right only in the context of the classes where parent and social support is aplenty.

  2. I dont think so.. Urban children are pressurized a lot.Parents are constantly after them comparing his/her marks with other children which you dont find in rural India. 10th boards are important especially in the context of rural students because most of them take up vocational courses after 10th and 10th marks are a good benchmark to see where they stand

  3. I agree that details are needed. Scrapping the exams – is the bottom line statement. If everything else remains same, that makes no sense to me. The problem is there is no focus or incentive today to “Learn” it is all about “Study” In A.P, they now have IIT JEE Coaching from 6th Standard and ‘Corporate Schools’ are taking over.

    I support a system that encourages Learning than mugging up volumes of texts. Kids are very smart and can adjust to any kind of system – we need to make their high school experience rewarding and more than anything else make them aware of higher education, career options and build leadership skills so they can do what they are passionate about.

  4. howdy! I’m 14. personally I would Like the public exams to be scrapped.You know you miss so much in life,when you study all day long.The small things which give the kids some fun.When I’m 25,I don’t
    want to be thinking “Damn,wish I did this with my friends/mom/dad when I was 15.”
    In my school.They start teaching us the portions for the public exams by half of the 9th year.
    probably the same time next year,I wont even have time to play my favorite sport or to spend time with my dad or mum.You guys dunno what the students are going through.Alll we have to do is memorize all the answers.At the end of the 10th exams ,you wont know what you want to do and you just follow the group,doing something you don’t want to do?!
    We don’t have any periods/hours for art…
    This is probably going to be my routine next year,

    1.get up
    2.go to school
    3.come back
    4.go to tuition centres
    5.Do my home work

    Seriously?!You do the race and you win but you lost your mind ,Is it worth it after all?

    I’ll really love Kipal Sibal if he screws the public exams.

    I’d just like to say this to all the parents!

    Your child is no superman

  5. Hi suddu(Wonder if thats ur real name)..Firstly would like to give u a bit of good news that Kapil sibal has managed to get the 10th class boards scrapped..This is only for CBSE as of now..So if u aren’t from that board then it wont make u happy..Schools put pressure ..point taken but then i don’t see why you cant have fun playing ur fav sport and study as well..Time management dude..Its more to do with parents than schools…Let me tell You it is optional which means that if your parents say you have to write it then you have to unless u have a say in ur home..So stop blaming the system and start working naa.i enjoyed my school days but i managed to get past the boards too..So it all depends on how well you manage your time..

  6. Hey adithya,I’m sudarshan.Suddu is my nick.Yeah ,I’m in matriculation syllabus.

    Well,there is so much to study.Today I had a test in math-1,math-2,french,grammar along with Lots of Homework.I dont think I have time to play.Well,I use the PC while eating dinner.And even in school.the teachers take up all the PE periods to complete the portion.Well,I would ask my parents to sit down and I’ll have a talk with them.I’ll just tell them how I feel.if I’m not happy,I’ll consult a counsellor. Working as in start memorizing?
    If I write the boards,I wont work that hard.Just enough for 90%.

    Yeah,I should probably get some time management. It would probably be easier.

    Take care

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