Airtel MTV Connected-new game show from MTV

Several channels are bringing about a change in their programmes to suit the choice of their viewers, most of whom are youngsters. The same goes with MTV. They are never behind in coming up with new shows to attract the youth. There are some reality shows like Roadies which has already completed 6 seasons and has been a huge hit with the viewers looking good for more in the future and then you have shows like Splitsvilla which rocked the first season but the second season was not such a big hit with the viewers. The most recent one “Fast and Gorgeous” seemed to have made up for Splitsvilla 2 debacle.


Come 20th June 7 pm a brand new game show ‘Airtel MTV Connected’ will go on air. The show hosted by VJ Nikhil Chinapa, explores the myths and fascination associated with twins in classic MTV ishtyle. Do they feel hungry at the same time? Can you tell them apart? Do they fall ill at the same time? Can they themselves tell them apart? Brace yourself for the answers of all these questions with double the pressure, double the dhamaal and double the masti on this show.


No prizes for guessing who would be the Judges for this show. Yes it is none other than India’s most twisted twins – Raghu Ram and Rajiv Lakshman, This is India’s first game show where not, 1 or 2… but 10 sets of identical twins are tested on how ‘connected’ they are. From dancing on a choreographed song, where they are judged not on talent but how synchronized they are to executing a twin bakra where the pair needs to go out and fool the janta! This show has twice the amount of chaos to get you hooked! At the end of each competition the 2 teams with the lowest scores are up for elimination and one set exits every week. The last pair standing wins a trip to the Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur!

So what made MTV come up with such a show? Ashish Patil, GM MTV India and Sr. VP Creative and Content say “Films have forever been obsessed with the double role story. We thought it’s time to bring the concept to the small screen. There is so much interest around the concept of twins and so many questions unanswered that this show will have you addicted from the word go. So get ready for double the fun only on Airtel MTV Connected!”

And why is Airtel sponsoring the show. It’s Obvious.“Airtel as a brand understands human emotions and have used the platform of relationship enabler effectively in communication. Youth is a critical segment where the brand has to establish its core through fun and engagement. Airtel MTV Connected is an interesting program concept that will engage the youth and also bring out the Airtel values in a refreshing way. The idea of using twins is innovative and will kindle the curiosity of this segment.” says R. Chandrasekar, Sr. VP Marketing

So get ready to get rid of the normal, the boring and the routine… Jump into the paranormal with ‘Airtel MTV Connected’, premiering on 20th June at 7pm only on MTV!




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