GOOGLE OS – Will it work ???


Who will win the battle???

On July 7th, the day when Gmail was finally out of beta Google announced through its blog that they were working on a new project: Google CHROME OS which is just an extension of the Chrome browser that they released 9 months back and which they claim to be a success (30 million people use it).There has been a lot of buzz ever since Google launched the Chrome browser and many experts felt that Chrome was an experiment from Google and they had much bigger plans in the near future.Google has been working on this OS for many years now but made it officiall only  a week back.

Google is the leader in online search and Microsoft in OS. So what exactly were Google engineers thinking when they came up with the idea to have an OS of their own. Is Google getting too big for its boots? Maybe Yes Maybe Not.


Everyone knows that Apple and Microsoft have been bitter competitors but Apple realised no matter what they did, it could never hold the monopoly over Windows so they moved onto better things. The iPod was a punch in the stomach to Microsoft, which never thought it would take off.

Bill Gates couldn’t take it and banned all apple products in his house and also asked all his employees to dump the iPod and switch to Zune but Zune does not come anywhere near the iPod in terms of sales. So what did Bill Gates learn from this – “that you cannot be a leader in every field”. So now the question arises why does Google want to come out with an OS?? Frankly speaking Google has never considered competing with Microsoft, infact it’s the opposite-Microsoft saw Google as a threat and they came up with BING replacing livesearch Maybe this made the bosses at Google to actually start thinking that they could really take on Microsoft.

Google’s ambitious plans

Google’s plans to roll out a desktop operating system has not been a decision taken overnight. After playing with Android, Google’s operating system designed for mobile devices, this is a step forward to capture the PC market. We have been seeing an increasing dominance of open Internet standards. As web access via mobile phones grows, these standards will sweep aside the proprietary protocols promoted by individual companies striving for technical monopoly. Today’s desktop software will be overtaken by Internet-based services that enable users to choose the document formats, search tools and editing capability that best suit their needs.

Google OS could well be a significant step towards the future operating systems. Cloud is where all the action will be in the future. I am not talking about the clouds in the sky. Cloud is where all your information that u normally store on the desktop would reside and all the computing would be done online. Slowly everything would move online. We are already seeing online office suites, online email, online social communication and online messaging. So Why not the OS too?

When Google started its operations nobody gave them a chance but they took the world by the storm.So maybe Google could be the next Microsoft when it comes up with the OS next year. But unlike traditional operating systems like Microsoft’s Windows, which run all sorts of additional software, Google’s Chrome OS will do nothing more than ensure that its Web browser runs well and fast on your machine.

One aspect where Google would definitely have an advantage over Windows would be that their OS would be open source and FREE unlike Windows. This could reduce the market share of Microsoft with the upcoming Windows 7 release. This fear would have caused Microsoft to beta test Windows 7 so that people get used to and it and wouldn’t like to switch over to Google OS whenever it gets released.

Operating systems are the next battle ground and a Web based operating system is a possibility. I hope Google comes out with an OS which is very secure more than anything else because when they released Chrome browser, everyone was excited but as days went by some serious security flaws in the browser were identified and they definitely cannot compromise on the security aspect if they want to really challenge Microsoft in this field. If you wanted to know more about the Google OS you could have a look at the following links.

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