Force India create history at Belgian GP

30fisichellaIts a dream come  true for Vijay Mallya ,the King of Good times and his Force India team. Finally they achieved it..After 29 false starts, Force India picked up their first  points when Giancarlo Fisichella finished 2nd just 0.9 second behind Kimi of Ferrari. It was truly a fairy tale weekend for the Force India team.It was astonishing result in the qualifying to see Fisichella  grab the pole position,only 4th of his career and now this podium finish in the race.

Fisico Aka Fisi sets the Belgian GP on fire

Tribute to Moonwalker on his 51st birthday

michaeljackson2606-313A figure of mystery and controversy, a man perpetually chasing his lost childhood, Jackson’s  peculiar and utterly unique life embodied American culture’s desperation to stay relevant, interesting and at the center of attention. An immensely gifted singer, dancer, songwriter and businessman, Jackson’s talent and ambition led him and his family out of poverty and into royalty status, but at the eventual expense of his well-being.

Today is his 51st birth anniversary and to mark this occasion thousands  of Michael Jackson fans around the world will pay tribute to the most famous entertainer in history.Jackson’s family will mark the day with a tribute concert in Las Vegas, where an Asian dance-duo from London will perform an MJ act with an Asian rhythm.

I am SRK…SRK Who?????


It was Independence Day and I was trying to catch snippets about I-Day celebrations but all I could see was about Shah Rukh Khan. BREAKING NEWS – ‘SRK Detained at Newark airport’ scroll was on all the News Channels. It was as if the media had nothing else to cover on a day that INDIA got its Independence except the SRK issue which was never one according to me. On that very day the AP government had admitted that 20 farmers had committed suicide over the last 40 days owing to the drought which has become a major cause of worry for the Govt of India. Instead of concentrating on such issues the Media goes about giving so much time to these nonsensical issues just because it involves some big Bollywood star SRK.

“It was absolutely uncalled for, I think, me having just finished working there for more than a month… just a couple of weeks ago,” SRK told The Times of India. “They said I have a common name which is causing the delay… checked my bags… I felt angry and humiliated.” OMG…In which Dream world does he live in. He needs to grow up and try to understand America views their own Security differently than the Indian Govt which is laid back pretty much on all important issues security being the key one. They strictly go by the rulebook and very serious about their duty. According to the reports it was clear that it was just a routine check up which lasted for 66 minutes which could have been less provided SRK baggage had come on time. So what if they asked him some questions like they ask to thousands of foreign travellers around world everyday.

“I was detained because I am a Khan”. What nonsense if that was the case then why wasn’t he questioned earlier. He goes to US 3-4 times a year and this is the first time he has experienced it. There are many Khans who are working in America for many decades and in high position – also Newark airport has many Indian American. Indian VIP’s(official and unofficial both) have a very fragile ego and they behave unknowingly like a Zamindars/nawabs/maharajas of the past. He must have been expecting demi-god treatment like in India and when he didn’t he went about telling every reporter that he was humiliated and such stuff. For a man who routinely insults fellow celebrities when he anchors some award ceremony, this was a like him getting a taste of his own medicine. He goes on to say that he does not want to return to US. Is he joking???Can he avoid it considering that the US represents more than 1/4th of the huge overseas market for Bollywood movies.

It was disgusting to read the statements of some ministers. Shashi Tharoor-The incident is deeply offensive. Praful Patel went a little further saying that it’s a matter to be taken up with the US government .To top it all our I&B minister Ambika Soni plays a school teacher and crazily suggests that we do a tit for tat for Americans !! ..It would be better if they spent some time on parliamentary issues rather than speaking out on such matters. But then what can u expect from the government which wants people like Robert Vadra not to be frisked just coz he is Madam’s son-in law. In India people play the minority card whenever it suits them. Shabana Azmi and Javed Akthar forgot they were given national awards and play this card but I want to ask them In which Muslim country do people of other religions get recognized.

The Page 3 crowd has been vociferous in condemning the ‘evil empire’ and the whole episode is being portrayed as it an assault to India’s dignity by some over-zealous US officers. Karan and Farah Khan , SRK best buddies tried to hype the issue even more as if it was not already. Karan might be happy that he need not publicize his movie now.But there were some who had different opinions. Salman Khan might have got his chance to take a pot shot at his rival..He was of the view that it is not a big issue to be taken so seriously and even our feisty offspin bowler Harbhajan Singh felt that it happens to them too. Infact 2 days before this incident took place Bob Dylan was roughed up by cops because he could not produce his identity. Al Gore was frisked by US airport authorities. Our ex President Abdul Kalam gets frisked but wisely he chooses not to comment.

After a lot of hue and cry on this issue SRK then told a private channel that he does not want an apology. Ohh I see then why the hell did he have to tell to the media that he was upset and all. He too knows that Indian Media like to make a huge mountain of molehill. He used that mentality to his advantage (Maybe for his promotion of his upcoming film ‘My Name is Khan’). He also added that America is not the only country in the world and they need to come out of their isolation. Oh yaa.. Then I guess its time to remind him that he is not the only icon in this world. He just rules Bollywood and not the whole world.

They say no publicity is bad publicity. SRK might have gone through hell (according to him) but it can be a blessing in disguise in more ways than one. He has turned a global icon and his upcoming movie has got free promotion. At the end of it all it was a reality check for SRK reminding that all are one and you don’t need to take everything to your heart. It’s time these film stars started to think of themselves as mortals. From dust we all came and to dust we all shall go. It is so very important to note that this happened on the day that India got independence. One thing is for sure that SRK won’t be celebrating Independence Day in US next time around .Hailing a person above law is the main reason of lawlessness in India. We got to come out of this “I am a VIP” attitude. Security is a major concern across the world. We have to accept it, and move on. If Dr. Kalam could gracefully go through routine security procedures at IGI, New Delhi, why can’t ‘King Khan’ do so?

BHUVAN – India’s Google Earth :)


On the eve of India’s 62nd INDEPENDENCE DAY, ISRO has dedicated to the people of the nation a new tool called ‘BHUVAN’ which means earth in Sanskrit. So what exactly is Bhuvan?? Bhuvan is India’s very own 3D mapping tool and it is one product truly made in India. It uses maps taken from Indian satellite and focuses on Indian sub-continent barring all sensitive locations such as military and nuclear installations.

A comeback which was never one – Schumacher scraps F1 Comeback plans


It was a comeback which was welcomed by F1 fans all over the world and racing fraternity viewed the great man’s return as the best thing that has happened to the Formula One in 2009 but sadly it was not to be. Michael Schumacher has done the unthinkable. First by announcing a comeback and then abandoning any such plans. Strange isn’t it…But that is exactly what you might have thought when a certain Barack Hussein Obama threw his hat in the ring to seek temporary accommodation on a legendary piece of Washington real estate which no man of colour could, until then, claim as his home address in the famous Land of the Free. The only difference is that Obama is still in White House making plans for reviving the US economy and Schumacher won’t be racing the F60 looking for his 91st win of his career.

Zombie Movie for $70 !!!!!!!!!!!

colinzombieI got my degree 15 days back but like many Engineers out there i am still jobless..For the past 2 months i have been hoping to get the joining date but that seems to be distant reality now.. My favourite past time is to be online 24/7 and catch up with the latest news be it political or technology or entertainment. As part of my daily routine I was flipping through the news channels and I happened to see something which caught my attention which I would like to share with you guys. The news was about a film which was reportedly made for a mere $70 .Can you believe that? I Couldn’t when I saw it first but I searched online and found it was indeed TRUE !!!!!!! The movie is named COLIN and is a classic horror zombie.Close to 5000 Zombie movies have been made but never before has a film been made at such a low budget