I am SRK…SRK Who?????


It was Independence Day and I was trying to catch snippets about I-Day celebrations but all I could see was about Shah Rukh Khan. BREAKING NEWS – ‘SRK Detained at Newark airport’ scroll was on all the News Channels. It was as if the media had nothing else to cover on a day that INDIA got its Independence except the SRK issue which was never one according to me. On that very day the AP government had admitted that 20 farmers had committed suicide over the last 40 days owing to the drought which has become a major cause of worry for the Govt of India. Instead of concentrating on such issues the Media goes about giving so much time to these nonsensical issues just because it involves some big Bollywood star SRK.

“It was absolutely uncalled for, I think, me having just finished working there for more than a month… just a couple of weeks ago,” SRK told The Times of India. “They said I have a common name which is causing the delay… checked my bags… I felt angry and humiliated.” OMG…In which Dream world does he live in. He needs to grow up and try to understand America views their own Security differently than the Indian Govt which is laid back pretty much on all important issues security being the key one. They strictly go by the rulebook and very serious about their duty. According to the reports it was clear that it was just a routine check up which lasted for 66 minutes which could have been less provided SRK baggage had come on time. So what if they asked him some questions like they ask to thousands of foreign travellers around world everyday.

“I was detained because I am a Khan”. What nonsense if that was the case then why wasn’t he questioned earlier. He goes to US 3-4 times a year and this is the first time he has experienced it. There are many Khans who are working in America for many decades and in high position – also Newark airport has many Indian American. Indian VIP’s(official and unofficial both) have a very fragile ego and they behave unknowingly like a Zamindars/nawabs/maharajas of the past. He must have been expecting demi-god treatment like in India and when he didn’t he went about telling every reporter that he was humiliated and such stuff. For a man who routinely insults fellow celebrities when he anchors some award ceremony, this was a like him getting a taste of his own medicine. He goes on to say that he does not want to return to US. Is he joking???Can he avoid it considering that the US represents more than 1/4th of the huge overseas market for Bollywood movies.

It was disgusting to read the statements of some ministers. Shashi Tharoor-The incident is deeply offensive. Praful Patel went a little further saying that it’s a matter to be taken up with the US government .To top it all our I&B minister Ambika Soni plays a school teacher and crazily suggests that we do a tit for tat for Americans !! ..It would be better if they spent some time on parliamentary issues rather than speaking out on such matters. But then what can u expect from the government which wants people like Robert Vadra not to be frisked just coz he is Madam’s son-in law. In India people play the minority card whenever it suits them. Shabana Azmi and Javed Akthar forgot they were given national awards and play this card but I want to ask them In which Muslim country do people of other religions get recognized.

The Page 3 crowd has been vociferous in condemning the ‘evil empire’ and the whole episode is being portrayed as it an assault to India’s dignity by some over-zealous US officers. Karan and Farah Khan , SRK best buddies tried to hype the issue even more as if it was not already. Karan might be happy that he need not publicize his movie now.But there were some who had different opinions. Salman Khan might have got his chance to take a pot shot at his rival..He was of the view that it is not a big issue to be taken so seriously and even our feisty offspin bowler Harbhajan Singh felt that it happens to them too. Infact 2 days before this incident took place Bob Dylan was roughed up by cops because he could not produce his identity. Al Gore was frisked by US airport authorities. Our ex President Abdul Kalam gets frisked but wisely he chooses not to comment.

After a lot of hue and cry on this issue SRK then told a private channel that he does not want an apology. Ohh I see then why the hell did he have to tell to the media that he was upset and all. He too knows that Indian Media like to make a huge mountain of molehill. He used that mentality to his advantage (Maybe for his promotion of his upcoming film ‘My Name is Khan’). He also added that America is not the only country in the world and they need to come out of their isolation. Oh yaa.. Then I guess its time to remind him that he is not the only icon in this world. He just rules Bollywood and not the whole world.

They say no publicity is bad publicity. SRK might have gone through hell (according to him) but it can be a blessing in disguise in more ways than one. He has turned a global icon and his upcoming movie has got free promotion. At the end of it all it was a reality check for SRK reminding that all are one and you don’t need to take everything to your heart. It’s time these film stars started to think of themselves as mortals. From dust we all came and to dust we all shall go. It is so very important to note that this happened on the day that India got independence. One thing is for sure that SRK won’t be celebrating Independence Day in US next time around .Hailing a person above law is the main reason of lawlessness in India. We got to come out of this “I am a VIP” attitude. Security is a major concern across the world. We have to accept it, and move on. If Dr. Kalam could gracefully go through routine security procedures at IGI, New Delhi, why can’t ‘King Khan’ do so?

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  1. hmmm gud article ya…but dont you think there must be some consideration for vip’s…put SRK aside,it has happend to many indian VIP’s in da past also….it also shows Amreican arogance….

  2. Well the problem in India is if A is given special status then B will ask for it too.. You know how it works in INDIA.I guess you can give special status to maybe the President and the Prime Minister of a country but otherwise everyone has to go through the normal security checkups. Americans might be arrogant as u say but then they were the ones who had to deal with 9/11..The security measures that they have put in place after that attack are the main reason for not even a single attack being reported from US after that..

  3. I think you should watch a interview with SRK and you will see that he in fact was not running around to every reporter telling them he’s upset. He was asked so he answered. You should be fimiliar with the less reputable of India’s media, especially the entertainment media and how they rehash things over and over, often making up quotes or giving misleading headlines. If you want to judge SRK and his reaction fairly you should see what he says himself. I think you will find it very reasonable.



    He clearly states that he doesn’t have a problem with there being a procedure and he does not consider himself above security. He just has a problem with the way it was carried out and why his fingerprints, retinal scan, and proper immigration papers were not enough to identify who he was and the reason he was there. And of course on an individual level, anyone who goes through this is not going to find it pleasant. That’s a normal reaction, for a VIP or non-VIP. When someone knows they are innocent, they are going to find this process tiring and upsetting.

  4. First of all let me thank u Anjali for reading my article and writing a comment as big as my article 😛
    I have watched these 2 interviews when they were aired for the first time and also the interview that he had given to Rajdeep Sardesai of CNN-IBN . I would like to clarify your doubts one by one.
    1. You said that he was asked and he answered. This is my reply : He knows about Indian Media who get Hyper for every small issue especially when it involves such a big star like SRK, so i guess he could have just said routine check up and all and if was really offended by the questions that were asked then he should have taken up the issue with the Indian Consulate. Kalam was frisked too that too in INDIA and he never told that to anyone. It took 3 months for the Ministry to know this.
    2. Second thing you talked about was the media.. I even wrote in my first paragraph which suggests that media needs to get over this kind of hype surrounding every small thing. I dont think the problem is with less reputable or more reputable …Even CNN-IBN which has won the best English news channel award 3 years in a row had so much time catered for this detention incident. I don’t think it was a case of misleading headline or anything because all the channels had to say one thing..If ever there was making up quotes kind of a thing then different channels would have had different scrollings which was not the case.
    3. If he considers himself normal like any other guy then he should have behaved like one…Common man wouldn’t have complained because they know that its there country(USA) and its there system and we have to go through such things sometimes.
    4. Tiring and upsetting..well i guess he is a workaholic so he should have not felt tired and coming to upsetting part of it, i guess he has gone through a lot all these years in the industry and this was no big deal.
    5. Just because some airport official guy had questioned him does not mean that the whole country is the same and to make a comment like i would not be going to US unless it is for work is rather childish..Mistakes do happen in every part of the world.you just need to take it in the right spirit.
    6. He had said that i was interrogated because my name was KHAN..but in the interview he goes on to say that it was nothing to do with religion. If you just listen to the questions that he told in the interview they don’t seem to be that offending too.. There is a quote “When in Rome be like a Roman”..So when you are in a different country you just follow their rules..He has gone to US so many times and this was only the first time that he experienced such a thing and that was enough to fuel the media..
    I don’t want to be sounding too rude to SRK but he has ATTITUDE and we can see that in most of the interviews that he gives.
    Hope this reply satisfies you and if not shoot back another comment 🙂

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