Zombie Movie for $70 !!!!!!!!!!!

colinzombieI got my degree 15 days back but like many Engineers out there i am still jobless..For the past 2 months i have been hoping to get the joining date but that seems to be distant reality now.. My favourite past time is to be online 24/7 and catch up with the latest news be it political or technology or entertainment. As part of my daily routine I was flipping through the news channels and I happened to see something which caught my attention which I would like to share with you guys. The news was about a film which was reportedly made for a mere $70 .Can you believe that? I Couldn’t when I saw it first but I searched online and found it was indeed TRUE !!!!!!! The movie is named COLIN and is a classic horror zombie.Close to 5000 Zombie movies have been made but never before has a film been made at such a low budget

I’ve had this long-standing theory about the budgets of films being completely overblown and inflated especially in Hollywood and now catching up with Bollywood too. The studios however justify spending millions of dollars on a product that doesn’t really need it. But here we have a director Marc Price coming out with a movie which took him just 70 $ to shoot and no wonder the film was premiered at Cannes this year. He might be a new comer in the field of cinema but he has managed to do what no one has done or even dreamt of – making a movie at a shoestring budget of 70$. Many might be wondering about the technical aspects of the film but let me tell you that the film is not only watchable but also received many compliments from all quarters .

Story Behind the $70 Zombie movie

This film was a work of love by its creator, who spent nights working a job in order to give his daytime hours to work on Colin. Price in an interview said that he never really dreamed this could ever happen. A fan of horror movies ever since he was young, the newbie admits that he took on the project more as a personal challenge than anything else. Having no big budget to work with, though, he realized he had to come up with something new, and decided that would be in terms of perspective. So, instead of presenting the classic story from the point of view of the humans, he shot the entire film from that of the zombie –Colin.

What about the cast of the movie?? It was obvious that it would be made up of Price’s friends and young actors who agreed to do the film for free. Makeup artists were “hired” via postings on the Internet, to which they replied quickly, hearing they would be given the permission to use the images for their portfolio in exchange of a salary. All “actors” were free to bring their own weapons on the set, the most expensive of which was, according to the 30-year-old director, a crowbar. In between takes, the entire crew would get treats such as “Tesco Value, teas and coffee”. The entire movie was shot on camcorder.

It seems that his 18 months of work on the project may pay some really big dividends in the end, because not only is he and his team receiving high praise for the job on the film, but some major production companies are starting to view his film with a lot of interest. CNN was reporting that Japanese distributors are currently in negotiations for the rights to the film, and it could mean a big pay day for Marc Price and his team. The Japanese distributors aren’t the only ones on board with interest in this picture though, as it was also reported that some major American distributors are also starting to show interest in Colin.

“We didn’t set out to try and make our fortune with our first film. I don’t think that really happens too often. We just wanted to make a film that we hoped people would want to see, and we hope it will get into a position where we can make another film with more of a budget.” Price explains. It is very refreshing to see success coming for an independent film maker, and it seems that Director Marc Price may be sitting on a gold-mine for himself. If it turns out that a big distribution company purchases the rights to his film, we could be talking about millions of dollars going to Price. It’s not just the production companies that are interested either, as fans of zombie movies that have seen it are posting rave reviews around the internet. Some of them are even comparing it to the original Dawn of the Dead by George Romero. Continued success for Price and his film would be a welcomed result of his visit to Cannes, France…

After watching this interesting bit of news, maybe I should also try my luck in making a movie for maybe 5000 bucks. The most difficult task would be to get people to act for FREE in INDIA.. No harm in trying right… Anyone interested can comment and i will be more than happy to get in touch with them 🙂

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