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Wake up sidWake Up Sid is a simple story yet a realistic one that strikes a chord instantly. Every one of us can relate to Sid, the main protagonist of the movie. Recall those years when staying awake at nights, chatting away with friends became a habit. Recall those college days when bunking college and sneaking into movie halls was more exciting than attending the boring lectures. And on the D day (Graduation) you are completely clueless of what you want do in the future. Everyone goes through this indecisive phase and so does Sid. The only difference is that Sid gets his life back on track in 2 hours whereas that is not the case in our lives 😀 ..But by the end of the movie hope you atleast identify the part of sid which you can relate to and do something about it and if you dont relate to Sid then its all the more better..You are PERFECT 😀 Just enjoy the movie 🙂

The movie begins with Siddarth Mehra in short Sid trying to concentrate on a problem in his accounts textbook. I wonder why Indian parents don’t just give their children the eventually shortened names anyway. He just reads one line in the problem statement and instead of solving it he creates his own version of Simpson’s caricature and gives an A+ and then a reminder flashes on his Mac as if to say he has done a lot of studying and its time to take a break.

Sid’s is an affable yet clueless college lad who snaps at his folks, parties hard at Ruby Tuesday, gaming arcades, shopping malls and discotheques with his two best friends a plump Betty-types (Shikha Talsania) and a bearded sensitive Joe (Namit Das,), driving a sleek Honda CRV, with an exceptionally trendy wardrobe of cartoon-themed tees (Joker, Dastardly, Beavis & Butthead, Ghostbusters, Tom & Jerry, Snoopy to name a few), cute ‘n’ colourful boxers and a room-filled with all sorts of toys, gadgets and gizmos. He loves cars and he has the mean machines as his wallpapers. He very rarely communicates with his mother Sarita (Supriya Pathak) and takes his father Ram Mehra (Anupam Kher) and all his hard-earned wealth for granted. Despite all these traits, Sid is an honest boy; sweet, funny and above all, a good friend. He befriends Aisha (Konkona Sen Sharma) who has come from Kolkata to Mumbai to lead an independent life and find her own self. Sid decides to work for his dads company “Flowers and Showers” for a month just because he would be getting a brand new Porsche. But he quits the job and instead helps Aisha in finding a new flat. Sid fails in his graduation resulting into a spat with his father after which he leaves his house. He seeks shelter under Aisha’s apartment and life changes drastically as he has to live on his own without his prosperous parental support. This is where the first half ends. The first hour, right till the intermission, sweeps you off your feet. You get drawn into Sid’s world instantaneously; you react to everything he does.

The second half is all about Sid’s metamorphosis from a laidback boy to a man in charge. With his credit card revoked he faces an embarrassing situation when asked to pay the bill and Deby who hated him in college comes to his rescue. At this point the director points out the helplessness of some deserving students who fail to get admission into college because of affluent people in the society who have all the money and power to buy a seat. This is the very reason why Debby used to hate Sid because it was because of him that she had to lose one year. Konkana Sen gets to work under Rahul Khanna as his personal secretary in Mumbai Beat.

While Aisha works all day, Sid spends the entire day sitting in front of his laptop or listening to songs. Aisha comes back to her flat everyday only to find it in total mess. But she cannot tolerate it anymore and reminds Sid that he has to become responsible. She even refuses to eat the omlette that Sid had made for her and leaves him alone for the night. It is at this point in the movie that Sid realizes that he needs to change his attitude towards life and cleans up the mess. Aisha recommends him for the magazine photographer post. If I had forgotten to mention Sid likes to carry his Nikon wherever he goes(Very much like me, the only difference is that I have a Cybershot). He likes photography so I guess this is was the only job that he could get. Sid finally decides to meet his dad and patches up with him. He even gives his first pay cheque to him.


There’s no denying that Ranbir Kapoor is a supremely talented actor, but in WAKE UP SID, he proves that he’s amongst the best in the business today. It’s good to see him in a fresh outlook over his lover-boy image so far. Konkona Sen Sharma is dependable as usual and is expressive in her act. Konkana is natural to the core and the best part is, she’s so effortless and expressive. Here’s another winning performance from this 2 time National award winner. The unlikely duo share a sublime, comfortable chemistry, which flowers from plausibly awkward to an endearing bonhomie to something truly special in a span of two and a half hours. Anupam Kher and Supriya Pathak as Sid’s Dad and Mom are excellent. Both shine in their respective parts. Namit Das and Shikha Talsania are perfect. Rahul Khanna and Kashmira Shah don’t get any scope.


Music by Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy is melodious and Anil Mehta’s cinematography is top notch capturing the Mumbai city in a fresh perspective. Whether it’s the Mumbai monsoon in the climax or the Queen’s necklace at Marine Drive in the summer nights, each frame is rich in texture. Finally how can I end the review without talking about the director? Ayan Mukherjee deserves a pat on his back. He manages to extract impressive performances from his cast ranging of seasoned veterans as well as rank newcomers. A perfect Debut just like Farhan Akhtar had with Dil Chahta Hai.

Verdict: 3 out of 5 (Don’t Miss it)

Actors: ****      Music: ****

MNS Controversy

MNS guys stopped the screening of the movie in Pune and parts of demanding that ‘Bombay’ be renamed ‘Mumbai’ in the film. For the record let me put some numbers here

This is what i found after watching the movie. The word Bombay was used 16 times all in the first half, Calcutta 4 times , Bangalore 1 time and Mumbai was used only 5 times(in the second half)..So Karan Johar had to apologize to Raj Thackeray who has no other work other than to create trouble over nonsensical issues. Thank god there is no Raj Thackeray in Bangalore or Calcutta ..So that would mean 700 frames will have to brought back and the word Bombay be changed to Mumbai.

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  1. Good review……….. Ranbir is one of the best in business..Can’t wait to watch this movie

  2. Hi Kiran, just go with gang and enjoy the movie…
    Adi, nice review and good that you got ticket of the first day… 🙂

  3. ranbir best in the business…somthing u need 2 think.u dint say anything of the dialouges i felt somthing was missing,so laked the puch.

  4. @ Ajay : Ranbir is the best in the business in terms of the younger brigade of actors(his Age group) .. And coming to the dialogues..U must be precise in the sense quote the scene where you felt it was lacking and suggest something for it 😀
    @ Aziz : Ya I rarely go to a movie first day and luckily the movie didn’t disappoint..I had planned for the movie well in advance(24 hours to be exact :D)
    @ Kiran : Hope you get some time from your Hectic Gate Schedule 😛

  5. nice review..havent seen ta muvy though!will watch soon..BTW SID RESEMBLES every youngster! Awesum wrk Adi..

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