Vista is History… Windows 7 is launched


Software giant Microsoft will formally launch its much touted OS Windows 7 in 34 languages on October 22nd globally. This time it’s not going to be a global extravaganza but instead Microsoft has adopted a very different style of marketing the new OS as it attempts to reach out more personally to its customers and how are they going to do that?? Many smaller events have been planned not by Microsoft but by Windows users who will be hosting their Windows 7 host parties to spread the good word on the new OS.

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Windows 7 – All you want to know

To upgrade or not to upgrade is always the burning question on everyone’s mind, whenever Microsoft releases a new version of Windows. What makes this cycle even more interesting is that every new OS release from MS is far more feature rich than the previous one, making you wonder whether you really need all those new enhancements. The only exception to that was the previous Version VISTA which was criticized world over. Another disaster like Vista could spell curtains for the once indomitable software giant but Microsoft won’t let that happen with this launch.

So is all the hype surrounding the launch worth the product? Lets do a post mortem :D. Three years ago Microsoft introduced the bug-ridden and poorly received Windows Vista to the world. Some development decisions that Microsoft made in regard to Vista had negatively influenced its market perception and subsequent adoption. With Vista they made conscious trade-offs with compatibility to put an emphasis on security. With reduced application and hardware device compatibility, it was bound to hit them and boy they took a beating.

The second problem was the launch of multiple betas and release candidates which made people get frustrated and loose confidence in Vista. Though Microsoft has looked into the first problem the second problem still continues to exist.

What you will see in windows 7 is that it works. Every OS works so what’s so different with this one. It works the way you want and lets you do things you want to do. It operates more efficiently and makes simple tasks easier to do. But really a big part of Windows 7 is not just the software. It all comes to life with the PC’s that it runs on.

A Good OS is one which helps users to do things easily and not come in their way. What does that mean? It just does not mean everyday tasks like finding files, connecting to a network etc to be done but all of this needs to be done in a few clicks.

The second thing is that users want their PC’s to work faster with fewer interruptions and not let them down. Let me translate that. The whole idea is to boot faster, resume faster and the battery to last longer and be safe : )

Windows 7 scores on the above points. It is more secure and reliable. Its snappier with less interruptions Best of all it will make new things possible-Remote Media streaming, play To, Multi touch to name a few

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Here is a comprehensive analysis of the different versions of Windows 7


First copy of Windows 7 and BIG Expectations

The launch of a new Microsoft operating system has long been associated with fanfare, celebrity and hype, but the corporate hoo-ha was absent at the midnight release of Windows 7 in Sydney. Instead, Microsoft executives turned in early, handing over the party poppers to Harvey Norman as it celebrated being the first retailer in world to sell the OS

1(Spiros Giokaris buys the world's first copy of Windows 7 from Gerry Harvey at Harvey Norman's midnight launch last night.)

Spiros Giokaris buys the world’s first copy of Windows 7 from Gerry Harvey at Harvey Norman’s midnight launch last night.

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Microsoft estimates 60,000 enthusiasts worldwide will hold house parties in the coming week, with 1500 of these in Australia.

Although it has not been commercially available until today, early releases of the new operating system have received a glowing reception from software developers, hardware manufacturers and reviewers. They have been impressed by its superior speed and performance, improved layout of taskbars for accessing favourite applications and features such as the HomeGroup that serves to simplify the sharing of files, photos and hardware devices across a home network.

In addition to this, Windows 7 has touch technology built in, making it much easier for hardware manufacturers to deliver a new breed of integrated touch sensitive PCs to market, the first fruits of which have already been launched by vendors such as HP.

How much will it cost??

The Home Premium version – $299 ($199 for an upgrade version)

Professional $449 ($399 upgrade)

Ultimate $469 ($429 upgrade)

A free upgrade of Windows 7 will be offered to those buying a Vista PC between June 26, 2009 and January 31, 2010 which I feel is disappointing. Microsoft and IT professionals internationally have acknowledged it is full of problems so why is it that all Vista users don’t get a free upgrade from a faulty product. If the product is faulty and no alternative product was offered until now, surely there should be some discount for people who have had to suffer with the inferior Vista for all this time.

A family pack is being offered in the US to cut software costs for home users.

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Future of Windows 7

Microsoft has all the reasons to be happy looking at what Research company Gartner has predicted. By 2010, Windows 7 will become the dominant operating system on new PCs with nearly 66 per cent of all new PCs preloaded with Windows 7 by the end of the year.

Windows 7 is expected to overtake Vista as the main operating system in 2012 with 53 per cent of installed PCs running that version of Windows OS. Although many of the improvements to Windows 7 were first conceived in its predecessor, Vista, its performance was widely criticized. Many businesses and consumers preferred to remain with XP than to upgrade.

What next for Microsoft? Advertising is the latest battle ground

Advertising is another area in which Microsoft is attempting to reinvent itself. Not only is it marketing a brand new operating system, but it is also attempting to turn the tables on Apple in response to its recent campaign that depicts PC users as bumbling nerds. One of its more notable recent ad campaigns featured Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, but its efforts met with a lukewarm reception.

That explains why Microsoft decided to use launch parties as a vehicle to introduce the product. The top brass wanted the launch to engage people. They wanted it to have a grass roots feel, you know, like Obama’s campaign, and they wanedt to see the launch be both national and, at the same time, intimate and personal, a real community experience that engages people in all walks of life. That explains why Microsoft partnered with House Party Inc., a marketing company that specializes in  promoting house parties on behalf of clients.

Competition from biggies

Microsoft might be the leader in the OS market but that has not deterred its competitors who have come out with product announcements and campaigns designed to divert attention away from the launch of Windows 7 in recent days.

Apple announced a range of new, cheaper Mac computers and a new multi-touch mouse that is likely to turn some heads among those looking to upgrade their desktop computers.

Google also chose this week to promote a Gone Google” campaign promoting the benefits of its cloud-based Google Apps suite.

Although it is not a direct threat to Windows 7, some experts believe the role of desktop computing could be unseated by the rise of cloud based services such as Google Apps.

The two emerging trends in the IT industry – cloud computing and virtualisation are gaining in popularity and a time may come when desktop computing will become obsolete. This would render the systems required to operate desktop applications redundant.

My Verdict

I have been using the RC for 4 months now and I am very happy with what it has to offer and would be more than happy to get the copy. I would categorize Windows 7 as a ‘polishing’ release on top of the architectural change that the Windows Vista ‘plumbing’ release delivered. Trust me you would like to move over from Vista and maybe give up XP. I have no issues with XP but when there is something better on offer I guess I would choose Windows 7.

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