Social Media Revolution !!!

Everyone is aware of the term Economics but how many of you have come across Socialnomics ??..Not many but i can assure you that most of you are using it without actually knowing what it actually is. Is all the hype surrounding social media justified or is it just a fad.Is it the next revolution? The video shows itโ€™s not a fad and here are some hardcore statistics that show that itโ€™s actually the biggest thing since the industrial revolution.

So what’s your opinion?? Is Social Media the next Industrial revolution??

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  1. That depends on a few things.
    1) can social media be monetised
    2) what abt the security of the data posted online.. issues like identity theft may crop up
    3) privacy vs profit. I understand that this is a great tool for targeted marketing and the like, but how far are we willing to be open about our lives to the world to see and use.
    4) social media networks are a fad and die out as quickly as they rose..can u see any social media site capturing the imagination of the masses for say a period as long as a decade..

  2. @ Joe : Thanks for giving your opinion about social media revolution.
    1) Social Media has always been monetized but to what extent is what we need to discuss..Many have not succeeded but there are a few smart ones out there who are getting the max out of this. I found a useful link which you would be interested to see.It talks about the monetization part of the Social Network
    2) Security has always been an issue online..Social Networks only add to the confusion.We keep coming up with better security but there is always someone out there who will take advantage of a loophole. But YES we need to take security more seriously when it comes to social networks
    3) Privacy is to do with you and i don’t think any social networking site forces you to to anything..Its all left to you..But people are not aware of the various options available which compromises their privacy.Its important to educate people.
    4) I don’t think social media is a FAD going by the current scenario. Yes previously we had so many sites coming and then fading away very quickly but now you have FACEBOOK ORKUT MYSPACE TWITTER which in my opinion will dominate the coming decade provided they keep coming up with something new and don’t just sit back and relax

  3. @ Hemant : Yaa it is and that’s the reason i shared it..Thanks for agreeing with me that social media is not a fad and is here to stay for a decade if not more ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. well.. some clarifications and 2 more cents..
    privacy as in .. its difficult to be sure that my actions are not used for targeted marketing purposes.. too much incentive there..

    i didnt mean that social media is a fad.. but every social networking platform that has come up has been a fad.. rising out of nothing and vanishing just as easily


  5. @ Joe : Ohh if you meant that for privacy then its not practical these days for people to know if they are being used for the benefit of the company.
    I guess we the people make the so called social networking platforms popular as they are now and maybe bring them down in the future so cant blame them…They are cashing on the popularity right now..Business is Business !!!

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