“God”zillas of Mumbai

ibnattack-3-430A group of 20-25 people gain entry into a building by beating up the security guards and then they run up to the seventh floor with a frantic pace and barge into an office attacking the private security guards with baseball bats and man-handling the employees not even sparing a women receptionist. Furniture and fittings, glass partitions, LCD TV screens, OB vans were damaged in a matter of minutes. So what is this all about?? It is not a scene from a Bollywood flick which is being shot at a film studio but an outrageous attack by Shiv Sena activists on the offices of IBN Lokmat and IBN7, the Marathi and Hindi news channels of the IBN Network, in north-east Mumbai’s Vikhroli on Friday. Destruction in pics

It’s not the first time that the Senas have attacked the press. Similar attacks were carried out on Zee Marathi and Star TV in the past but what we witnessed yesterday seems to have united the media for once to come out and demand action to be taken on these anti-social elements. The media no longer wants to tolerate any action which would suppress their freedom to report.

Spontaneity after 4 days

When a spokesperson of ShivSena was asked if the party was sorry for what happened – blunt came the reply that whatever happened was a spontaneous reaction to the channel’s continuous coverage criticizing Bal Thackeray for verbally attacking Sachin…What the hell?? I never knew a spontaneous reaction can come even after 4 days after the article was published. Maybe they have their own dictionary in which Violence stands for peace and Peace for Violence. A spontaneous reaction cannot take place at 2 places simultaneously for sure.

Roots of Violence

Shiv Sena is a far-right political party in India which was founded on June 19, 1966 by Balasaheb Thackeray. Within a few years it built a strong base amongst the Marathi community on its militant ideology that Maharashtra belonged to the Marathi community and that they be given preference over migrants from other Indian states.

Balasaheb Thackeray has been promoting violence in the name of Marathi Asmitha. The first political murder of an elected representative in India was committed by Shiv Sena when Krishna Desai was murdered by Shiv Sena activists. They have time and again taken law and order into their hands and attacked whoever they wished to. Shiv Sena is an institution which supports Dictatorship in Democracy.

In a personal interview Balasaheb Thackeray had praised Hitler

“I am a great admirer of Hitler, and I am not ashamed to say so! I do not say that I agree with all the methods he employed, but he was a wonderful organizer and orator, and I feel that he and I have several things in common … What India really needs is a dictator who will rule benevolently, but with an iron hand.”

In another interview with the Indian Express that was printed on January 29, 2007, Thackeray remarked,

“Hitler did very cruel and ugly things. But he was an artist, I love him (for that). He had the power to carry the whole nation, the mob with him. You have to think what magic he had. He was a miracle … The killing of Jews was wrong. But the good part about Hitler was that he was an artist. He was a daredevil. He had good qualities and bad. I may also have good qualities and bad ones.”

What can u expect from such a man who makes such comments?? He is a modern day Hitler who feels he is above the law of the land.His nephew Raj Thackeray split from Shiv Sena and started his own party Maharashtra Navnirman Sena(MNS) which follows the same bloody ideology of favouring people based on language and promoting violence openly.

Shiv Sena & MNS – No Work and Bad Play

Many doctors, nurses, hospitals have been attacked over the years. Exams have been cancelled; Shops and Cinema Halls have been vandalized. The list goes on.Not only physically but verbally too Shiv Sena has been very critical. Saamna(SS mouthpiece) and controversies go hand in hand. The most recent one was the editorial which criticized Sachin for his comments. It was shameful to see someone like Sachin Tendulkar being verbally attacked by Bal Thackeray. Only the Marathi Hitler and his Sena could do such a thing. What Sachin said in his statement is something that any rational human being who is well experienced will say.
Sachin said that he was proud to be a Maharastrian but he is an Indian first…Nothing wrong right? Like any other Citizen Sachin has the freedom to express his views and he did so however Mr Thackeray who lives in his own dictatorial world will never understand this.

Shiv Sena symbolizes the adage “An Idle’s Mind is the Devil’s Workshop” .Whether it is tearing down the posters of the just released Kurbaan which has Kareena Kapoor’s back upsetting their sentiments or the ward officer of the BMC being bashed up , the Shiv Sena is back to doing what it does best – Goondaism in full glory. These instances of meaningless actions have been going on and will continue in the days to come just to grab political attention and some mileage.

Where is the Action??

40 years of Goonda raj and still continuing. All this points to the inefficiency on the part of the government and the police. Every political party has its hand dipped in blood. The Governments of past have been lenient and have been appeasing SS and MNS for their own vested interests.
Shiv Sena and MNS have gone about promoting violence in the so called interest of the Marathi Manoos. But what do the people on the streets want? The real Marathi Manoos do not want violence. All they want is to earn their daily bread in a peaceful way and follow the simple idea of Live and Let Live. Wonder when these politically confused minds and tarnished souls will ever understand this… by the looks of things right now the answer is NEVER!.

Final Verdict

Why is the nation and Mumbai in particular tolerating the SS and the MNS? Why is it that we allow them to get away with murder, arson, looting, lynching and violence of the worst nature? Its so ironic that a city like Mumbai which stands up whenever there is a natural calamity like the floods in 2007 or the terrorist attack in 2008 has remained silent on this issue for 40 years. The society has become so liberal and tolerant to the level of tolerating such open vandalism which is detrimental to the society. We are so worried about the cross border terrorism but what about the internal hatred and violence which is instigated by parties like MNS and SS?
Hope the recent attack on the Media will open the eyes of the government. Media needs to stand up. Mere sympathy is not enough. We have to respond and prevent such attacks in the future. If we have to put an end to 40 years of Goon culture then its important that Ring leaders like Balasaheb Thackeray and Raj Thackeray are punished and not just the activists who are just pawns in their hands. The Best way to deal with the two Sena’s is to export them to Afghanistan and Pakistan and the rest is left to their counterparts there 😀

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  1. @ Aziz : The Indian Constitution, while not mentioning the word “press”, provides for “the right to freedom of speech and expression”..However I would like to quote what Rajiv Gandhi had to say about Press Freedom “Freedom of Press is an Article of Faith with us , sanctified by our Constitution, validated by four decades of freedom and indispensable to our future as a Nation.”

    @ Rahul : Thanks 🙂

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