2009 -The year gone by

2009While bidding adieu to 2009, lot of things come to my mind. On the personal front it has been a mixed year of sorts. I got my Engineering Degree finally which was good in one way but bad in another. Good because it would put an end to exams (atleast for now as I don’t intend to pursue my PG immediately) and Bad because I had graduated in a year when recession had gripped the whole world which meant I am still waiting for my joining date 🙁 .. However 6 months of Joblessness meant I could devote more time on my blog and watch lot of movies 🙂

For the common man of India, it has mostly been a forgettable year with the economic recession and the aftereffects. The world’s largest Democracy voted for the Congress in the General Elections which loves to be called the ‘aam admi government’ but that only remains on paper. Inflation reached an all time high and the common man felt the heat as the price of food grains and vegetables touched the roof. Gold prices also Sky rocketed bringing cheer to some and despair to others. To make matters worse, the untimely droughts and floods caused huge damage to the economy. The government tried to divert the attention of the public with its much hyped Austerity drive but how far it was effective is unknown. H1N1 wreaked havoc and once again showed how unprepared we are to face such calamities.

There was nothing to be happy about on the political front. It was a year which saw the untimely death of Dr Y S Rajashekara Reddy of Andhra Pradesh in a helicopter crash which left a huge vacuum and resulted in a demand for new state of Telangana. Chinese once again showed that they can get away with incursions into Indian Territory while the Indian government played it down. It was a year where there were more number of Corruption Scams than the bills passed in the parliament which points to the level of degeneration in the political system and the need for appropriate reforms.

On the business front the year began with the shocker of Satyam fiasco which just goes to shows that “All the Glitters is not GOLD”. However the launch of Tata Nano brought cheer to millions. On the entertainment side AR Rahman winning 2 Oscars was the highlight.Long before 3 IDIOTS released our HRD minister took major steps in reforming education 😀

On the international front, Obama became the first Muslim president of the most powerful country in the world. Nobel Prize at the end of the year was a cherry on the cake. If there was ever one incident which shocked the entire world then it was the sad demise of Michel Jackson. The fall of LTTE finally put an end to violence and the suffering of tamilians. Tiger Wood’s affairs at the end of the year shocked the sporting world. The Copenhagen Climate Summit was a failure.

New Year Resolutions


It’s that time of the year again!!! Along with happiness and hope, the New Year brings with it the tradition of making resolutions and more often than not of breaking them :D. I have always believed that resolutions are for those who think too far and implement too little which is why My resolution for every New Year is to make no resolution at all and take things as they happen. But if i am forced to make a resolution for 2010 then it would be to update my blog more frequently and hope to get more visitors :). However for people who like to make these resolutions and then break them I would like to give them some advice and hope my advice increases the  success rate and even if does not it does not matter 😀

resolution 1It’s very important not to become too exuberant in your resolution making, as you most certainly will be left with a feeling of failure. The resolutions should be SMART which stands for • Specific • Measurable • Achievable • Realistic • Timely. They should be both manageable and realistic. Resolutions such as losing weight, quit smoking, spending more time with the family, learning something new, finding ones soul mate are often on ones list which are too generic.. It is important to attach a timeframe to each one of the resolutions so that you can just measure your progress.

Before I end my post I would like to quote the lines from MJ’s song ‘Heal the World’ -> “Let’s make this world a better place, for you and for me, for the entire Human Race”. Hope 2010 is a good one for you and the WORLD at large.


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