Phir mile sur – Mile Bollywood hamara ??

republic-day-parade-tanksToday INDIA celebrated its 61st Republic Day and like every other republic day I was glued to DD, the only time most people will switch to the national channel as they don’t have any other option. The capital was enveloped in thick fog but that didn’t deter the spirit of the delhities who had turned out in huge numbers to witness the parade. The military and paramilitary contingents marched perfectly which was followed up by the 21 tableaux, representing 12 states as well as Central Ministries and Departments showcasing the nation’s culture, art forms, Scientific and technological progress and rich resources.

There was something else which I was waiting eagerly for this Republic day – “Phir mile sur” which is the new version of the national integration music video of 1988 “Mile Sur Mera Hamara”. I was eager to see if the new video could instill the same sense of pride and promote unity amongst Indians, highlighting the different linguistic communities and societies that live in India – India’s unity in diversity in short.

The Newer version (16 minutes) is an extended version of the older one (6 minutes) but I don’t see the same impact being created this time around. The video boasts of 69 icons from various walks of life shot in 15 different locations but somehow it appears like a Bollywood music video. The 16 minutes video has Bollywood personalities for as long as 12 minutes and mere 30-60 seconds for the armed forces and just 20-30 seconds for sports. What is even more surprising is the exclusion of iconic figures like Sachin and APJ Abdul Kalam from the video. Yes you cannot have all the legends that India has produced but to have too much of Bollywood is questionable.I wonder why Jaya Bachchan was missing when her whole family was in the video 😛

Of the many tweets I found this one worth mentioning – “How can Deepika’s legs help us to initiate the national integration feeling.Should have cast more national heroes who made us proud..guys, words from Sachin is more mass appealing than Deepika, Karan Johar and Abhishek Bachchan,”

Phir Mile Sur – Part 1

Phir Mile Sur – Part 2


Finally I would say that Phir Mile Sur is a lovely song but the older one was better..Original is Original right??

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  1. What is the point in making a video for a country without the legends like Sachin, APJ Kalam who created wonders in their own fields.

    I am sorry to say this. But this was really an insult to the people who made us proud.

  2. Good post…..But I liked the video a lott. I was disappointed just bcoz it dint include Sachin or Dhoni (as hes the capt now). There shud hav been atleast 1 cricketer in the video. You mentioned about not including Dr. Kalam. The makers’ intention was to project the youth icons. Dr. Kalam is ofcourse an icon but they intended to show the young Indians. This was the reason why Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, Pt Shiv Kumar and KJ Yesudas were accompanied by their sons. (This was the reason why Mahesh, Surya, Vikram were in the video……Thank God! Otherwise there wud hav been a big debate btw the Chiru’s and the Rajni’s). Amitabh Bachchan and the Assamese singer were the only exceptions. Moreover, I dint find anything wrong in showcasing Bollywood. The video was out to reach to the entire nation and Bollywood made half job done. Its worth noting that though there were many each(atleast almost) had something to say…..Aamir, Priyanka, Salman, Shilpa…….and whats wrong in showing Deepika’s legs as long as it is not objectionable. I guess Shahid and Deepika just represent today’s youth. ……And finally, I accept that any original cant be outdone but revival of some originals is always acceptable.

  3. @ Kishore : I know you are very disappointed as many Indians might be seeing the video but i don’t think u can call it an INSULT .. Inclusion of Sachin would have made the difference between LIKE and DISLIKE

  4. @ Kiran : Thanks for the compliment 🙂 Everyone has different views.. First i would make it clear that I too liked the video but my only problem was too much of Bollywood.. The comment on Deepika was not mine.I know you like Deepika 😀 but hers and Shahid’s scenes were out of place and didn’t serve any purpose whereas Aamir, Salman, Priyanka and Shilpa had a message..Exclusion of SACHIN was a big BLUNDER !!!

  5. While the beautiful lyrics have been retained, i think of it being more like an Elton John song. The original was more simple. Simple is always more admirable. Also this song proves the fact that there’ll always be unsung heroes.

  6. wheres sachin dhoni …… and more over u can call it as movie sur mera tumhara
    i didnt lyk the video……thy didnt tamper wit wordings thts ok…but donno y deepika and priyanka ……and shahid….wht did ranbir do to ndia…instead of thm rahul gandhi sachin pilot young indian politicians they could have come………and this looks like whole ovie land is der……i was missin indias great person apj abdul kalam…..sweet and simple this sucks…………..

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