IPL 3 is Back in INDIA :)

1It is that time of the year once again when Movies take a backseat and theaters wear a deserted look and instead people will be glued to their television sets for 45 days while the grounds are jam packed with crazy fans and loyal supporters of their respective franchises. Yes we are talking of IPL which is in its 3rd season and more importantly back in INDIA.IPL boss Lalit Modi sees his baby becoming bigger than the NFL, the NBA, and the English Premier League. Sounds very ambitious and futuristic but hey he might not have a degree from an IIM but he is the right salesman for the right product (IPL) and has a belief in the power of the market.

What’s NEW in IPL 3?

With the change in venue to SA in 2009, the advertisers suffered many setbacks. However with the return of the IPL to home turf this year, the advertisers and organizers are not just looking at a lot of support from the fans in terms of filled stadiums but rake in a lot of moolah and how is that?? Very Simple.We got a glimpse of that in the opening match of this Season between defending champions DC and wooden spoon holders KKR.  If you thought the ads in between over’s were annoying(ZOO ZOO’s are the exception)  then get ready to get annoyed even more as you will see them during overs too. The only difference being the ads will be on BIG Screen and you will be seeing them on small screen 😀

“It should be a great tournament if two enemies leave it alone: terrorists, and groundsmen who prepare 200-plus tracks.” – Harsha Bhogle

Last year a 7.5 minute timeout was introduced which pleased the advertisers but worried some teams that it might break the player’s concentration. But rules are rules and you have to live with whatever IPL management says. This year timeout stays but it has been modified a bit.

  • The strategic time-outs have been reduced from seven and a half minutes to only 5 minutes which will be split into 2 timeouts of two and a half minutes each.
  • The batting side can ask for the time-out anytime between the sixth and eighth overs
  • The bowling side can ask for the time-out anytime between eleventh and sixteenth overs.

Reduce the timeout but show ads during overs. Very smart to keep the advertisers happy.

In 2008, IPL introduced cheerleaders, causing a storm among conservatives and this year Modi managed to make a deal with Google and YouTube to broadcast live IPL matches online which is huge if IPL has to increase its viewership globally. Click here to View IPL live !!!

1Bowlers won’t like to see this bit of news Mathew Hayden launched the Mongoose bat, designed specifically to meet the new distilled demands of T20 cricket. The Mongoose bat is a shorter, more rigid blade is teamed with a longer, more flexible handle to offer increased power, faster bat speed and better maneuverability Only 40 super premium bats will be launched throughout India, each bat will be uniquely numbered from 1-40 and will be hand signed by Hayden.

“Matthew Hayden’s bat has always been a brute, a club. And now he arrives with this big handle and small blade, which looks a bit like the oar he might keep handy when he goes fishing. Well into retirement, he could still be the key for the Chennai Super Kings.” – Harsha Bhogle

Opening Extravaganza – A No Show

The opening ceremony was supposed to be a cracking affair but sadly wasn’t to be. There was no TGIF element to it. Big is not always beautiful. The show put up by the organizers did no justice to the thousands of fans who had gathered at the sprawling D Y Patil Stadium.

4I know Lalit modi wants to make IPL popular globally if it already isn’t but that does not mean you rope in so many overseas performers. I guess he should be reminded of the quote “When in Rome do as the Romans do”. When you have so many talented performers here in INDIA why think about someone from overseas?? Mamma Mia! at DY Patil was a no-showing!.. Deepika Padukone tried to add some glitz and glamour to the event. She performed to the tunes of Love Aaj Kal with a slight modification to get the crowd involved with her “Mumbai, are we ready to twist?”The only thing that was the saving grace was the laser show depicting cricket action which was followed by Oscar winner A R Rahman’s “Jai Ho” which evoked some response from the crowd. Overall it was not a very ordinary ceremony.Photos from the Opening ceremony

Cricketing ACTION

After the opening fireworks it was back to cricketainment on the field. The defending champions DC were taking on SRK’s KKR. DC was the firm favourite but as usual it turned out to be KKR which just goes on to show how unpredictable T20 is. Set to chase a decent 162 DC got off to a flier with VVS and Gilly playing their shots all over the park. Looks odd when VVS slogs but hey it is EFFECTIVE..As long as you can hit the long ball you are going to last long in T20 :D..He didn’t last long though and got out trying to hit Murali out of the park. Gilchrist got to yet another 50 but soon got out when luck finally ran out (He was earlier dropped on 2 by his former team mate Hodge).

The score was 99 when Gilchrist leaving 63 runs to be made in 53 balls which any day is a cake walk in T20 but DC always tries to make a match out of a no match and they did that again with some bizarre shots which started with Gibbs who tried to hit the ball out of the park but only managed to get holed out at long off. Next to go was Symonds who by all means would have been hoping that he makes some impact this IPL since he no longer plays for Australia. He too got out trying to get over a short ball from tall and swanky Ishant Sharma but only managed to get the ball to mid wicket. It was left to Rohit Sharma and Anirudh Singh who was making his debut but Sharma played the weirdest of shots when he backed away to a short ball and played a forehand-ish shot..Looks like he is dating Sania Mirza :P. KKR bowlers were disciplined in their line and length although it has to be said their fielding left a lot to be desired.


Earlier DC got off to a dream start after having decided to bowl. Vaas Struck on the very first ball when Manoj Tiwary(Earlier played for Delhi DareDevils) hit a full length delivery straight to Rohit Sharma. Next to go was KKR captain Ganguly who edged the 4th ball to VVS in the second slip. 1/2 after 1. It got worse when Pujara got out to RP singh when Gibbs took a stunner and the score was reduced to 57/4 in 10. But then DC hit a roadblock as SL all rounder Mathews got going from ball 1 with a 6 thought it was top edged. Owais shah took him time but after having settled he played his shots and KKR ended up with 161/4 which was 20 more than what they would have expected at half time. Anjelo Mathews was adjudged the player of the match for his all round performance.

15In the end it has to be said DC were outplayed in batting and bowling during the 10-20 over period. Saurav might have made a duck but he was bang on with his captaincy. Every bowling change he made got him a wicket. Having had 2 disappointing seasons I guess it is nice to see them get off to a winning start and it also opens up the tournament. DC will definitely come back  🙂


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