Bing replaces Windows Live Search

Search is one area where Microsoft is far behind Google despite their efforts in trying to revamp Windows Live search to counter the dominance of Google. They have not been successful thus far. But in the past few months we have been hearing a lot about Microsoft’s “underground secret-testing” of their new search engine, code-named “Kumo”.

A look into the past

  • In 2003, Microsoft passed up the chance to buy search engines Inktomi and Overture (from whom MS contracted search services) and let Yahoo acquire them. With those under rival Yahoo’s wing, Microsoft was forced to build its own search service.

Its Delhi Vs Hyderabad and Chennai Vs Bangalore

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Yes we finally know who will play whom in the semi finals and it took the last league match to decide that..What better can you ask for IPL this year.  The Royal Challengers are on a roll winning their 4th consecutive match and will definitely give some headache for Dhoni when they meet in the semi finals on Saturday. The Chargers on the other hand have lost 3 in a row and will definitely will be hoping that there is a change of fortune tomorrow for the all important semifinal match against the Table leaders Delhi..

Katrina Kaif is the Indian Barbie !!!


Recently Barbie turned 50 and the dolls popularity has not faded one bit. The following fact just goes to show that no other doll has outshone Barbie’s celebrity.

  • Every second at least three of these dolls are sold, bringing in $3.6 billion annually in retail sales.

  • If all the Barbie’s and her family members—Skipper, Francie and the rest—sold since 1959 were placed head to toe, they would circle the Earth more than seven times.

Oye lucky lucky Oye..Second time lucky :)

Think of Tata Crucible and the phrase that comes to your mind is Quizzing at its best.. I can say that because I attended this year’s edition of quiz held in hyderabad at RNR Auditorium Opp. Lotus Pond Road, No. 12, MLA Colony, Banjara Hills. To participate in the quiz we had to have a team of two so I paired up with my friend Vaibhav.By the way my name is Adithya 🙂. Two of my other friends (Santosh,Abhiram) formed one more.We are doing our engineering in MJ(muffakham Jah, affiliated to OU). We had actually taken part in the last edition of the quiz too but couldn’t clear the first round but we thoroughly enjoyed the experience. We actually don’t believe in going through all those quiz books and business magazines before attending any quiz. We keep ourselves updated with the happenings in the world and that’s it.