Exit IPL,Entry BPL – Raavan Story leaked

The first quarter of 2010 was a no show for Bollywood with most of the films bombing at the Box Office and the return of IPL in its 3rd season didn’t help things as no major films were released .Finally after 45 days of non-stop cricketing action films will again take prominence and box office will again see audiences lining up from this coming Friday (29th April). When IPL was on it was time for the small time producers to make the most of the cold spell but with curtains falling on the IPL its time to get entertained(hopefully) by some real big films in the coming months on which more than Rs 300 crores is riding. Exit IPL Entry BPL(Bollywood Premiere League).

Aal Izz Well with 3 IDIOTS !!!!

[xDR] 3 Idiots - 00 - Inlay 04The most awaited film of the year ‘3 IDIOTS’ is out and as they say “Sabar ka phal mitha hota hain” it has been worth the wait :). Although 3 idiots is 2 hours 50 min long, I can promise you that you won’t come out of the theater disappointed as the movie has many memorable moments which will stay with u for sometime if not forever. This is the sort of movie you’ll take home with a smile and a song on your lips, unless the hype has entirely messed up with your expectations.

Paa kasam ‘PAA’ Rocks !!!!

M_Id_124301_paaOne of the most eagerly awaited movies of recent times ‘PAA’ has generated huge interest amongst filmgoers for many reasons – first being the role reversal between Junior AB and BIG B, second being Amitabh Bachchan’s look in the movie and finally the rare and emotional subject around which the film revolves. I am glad that I watched it first day first show: D

Wake UP Sid : Must Watch

Wake up sidWake Up Sid is a simple story yet a realistic one that strikes a chord instantly. Every one of us can relate to Sid, the main protagonist of the movie. Recall those years when staying awake at nights, chatting away with friends became a habit. Recall those college days when bunking college and sneaking into movie halls was more exciting than attending the boring lectures. And on the D day (Graduation) you are completely clueless of what you want do in the future. Everyone goes through this indecisive phase and so does Sid. The only difference is that Sid gets his life back on track in 2 hours whereas that is not the case in our lives 😀 ..But by the end of the movie hope you atleast identify the part of sid which you can relate to and do something about it and if you dont relate to Sid then its all the more better..You are PERFECT 😀 Just enjoy the movie 🙂

Zombie Movie for $70 !!!!!!!!!!!

colinzombieI got my degree 15 days back but like many Engineers out there i am still jobless..For the past 2 months i have been hoping to get the joining date but that seems to be distant reality now.. My favourite past time is to be online 24/7 and catch up with the latest news be it political or technology or entertainment. As part of my daily routine I was flipping through the news channels and I happened to see something which caught my attention which I would like to share with you guys. The news was about a film which was reportedly made for a mere $70 .Can you believe that? I Couldn’t when I saw it first but I searched online and found it was indeed TRUE !!!!!!! The movie is named COLIN and is a classic horror zombie.Close to 5000 Zombie movies have been made but never before has a film been made at such a low budget

Transformers 2- A Visual treat

transformers revenge

Its been quite a while, almost 2 months since a big budget Hollywood flick released in India but the wait has been worth it. The sequel to Transformers.Revenge of the fallen finally released to packed houses, even though it was being screened only in IMAX before being released in other multiplexes like PVR and INOX.

Pink Panther 2..Worth a watch

I stopped watching English movies in theatres after i got my net connection 4 years ago. I have been downloading them and watching it at home itself…But I do go for the movies which are screened on the big screen (IMAX)…The last one that I went to was MADAGASCAR 2.Found it really amazing. Today my friend suggested that we go to pink panther 2…Initially I was not sure if I wanted to because I had heard that the movie was not great. But finally decided to go for the 12:45 show and we reached 5 min late as usual 🙂 ..We got the top most corner seats. I had not watched first movie pink panther but then realized this was not a sequel to it…