Phir mile sur – Mile Bollywood hamara ??

republic-day-parade-tanksToday INDIA celebrated its 61st Republic Day and like every other republic day I was glued to DD, the only time most people will switch to the national channel as they don’t have any other option. The capital was enveloped in thick fog but that didn’t deter the spirit of the delhities who had turned out in huge numbers to witness the parade. The military and paramilitary contingents marched perfectly which was followed up by the 21 tableaux, representing 12 states as well as Central Ministries and Departments showcasing the nation’s culture, art forms, Scientific and technological progress and rich resources.

2009 -The year gone by

2009While bidding adieu to 2009, lot of things come to my mind. On the personal front it has been a mixed year of sorts. I got my Engineering Degree finally which was good in one way but bad in another. Good because it would put an end to exams (atleast for now as I don’t intend to pursue my PG immediately) and Bad because I had graduated in a year when recession had gripped the whole world which meant I am still waiting for my joining date 🙁 .. However 6 months of Joblessness meant I could devote more time on my blog and watch lot of movies 🙂

Taragna misses its date with Total Solar Eclipse


It was supposed to be a once in a life time opportunity and many of those who could catch it live would definitely remember it for the rest of their life. Yes I am talking about the Total Solar Eclipse. As dawn broke on Wednesday,the century’s longest total solar eclipse began with thousands of sky gazers craning their neck skywards to catch the glimpse of the rare celestial spectacle.

Why the eclipse is wasted on India

MUMBAI SEALINK – India’s latest showcase to world

Mumbai MarvelIts been 5 years since the PM Manmohan Singh expressed his desire to see Mumbai one day become Shanghai.  Why Shanghai ?? Shanghai and Mumbai. Two of Asia’s greatest cities, washed by the seas, blessed by history. Both began their modern journey as British Empire’s subjects – one became a fascination after the first Opium War in 1842, the other, a clutch of villages, had been gifted as dowry to Charles II almost two hundred years earlier. Not much headway has been made towards making this dream a reality. But on June 30th we could see an Engineering Marvel – Bandra- Worli sealink finally be opened to the Public.

Its Delhi Vs Hyderabad and Chennai Vs Bangalore

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Yes we finally know who will play whom in the semi finals and it took the last league match to decide that..What better can you ask for IPL this year.  The Royal Challengers are on a roll winning their 4th consecutive match and will definitely give some headache for Dhoni when they meet in the semi finals on Saturday. The Chargers on the other hand have lost 3 in a row and will definitely will be hoping that there is a change of fortune tomorrow for the all important semifinal match against the Table leaders Delhi..

Farewell Poll

Hi everyone . Exams are coming to an end and so is our Engineering life so it would be a good idea to have a farewell . What do you think???? Please chose one of the options and if it is yes then do suggest some places where you would like to have it(Comment box provided at the bottom)

Hyderabad Airport in the World’s top 10

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When there was a proposal for a new international airport in Hyderabad many people were apprehensive about it, whether is was needed in the first place and if yes whether hyderabad could pull it off..Building an airport is no child ‘s task, that too of international standards..After various cabinet meetings and discussions it was decided that the airport would be a public private joint venture between GMR Group, Malaysia Airports, the Government of Andhra Pradesh and the Airports Authority of India.