iPad – iPhone/iPod on Steroids !!!

hardware-01-20100127The long awaited Apple’s new touchscreen tablet was finally unveiled by Steve Jobs on 27th Jan 2010 at a jam-packed theater in San Francisco and it is named iPad and not iSlate as was being speculated. Apple has this unique distinction of revolutionizing the industry into which they step into. iPod arrived in 2001 and it replaced the Walkman. iPhone showed up six years later to give a new dimension to touch screen mobile phones. With iPad, Apple does not intend to replace anything but instead complement the devices that already exist in the market which seems a risky strategy but Hey this is Apple who like to do things differently.

Social Media Revolution !!!

Everyone is aware of the term Economics but how many of you have come across Socialnomics ??..Not many but i can assure you that most of you are using it without actually knowing what it actually is. Is all the hype surrounding social media justified or is it just a fad.Is it the next revolution? The video shows it’s not a fad and here are some hardcore statistics that show that it’s actually the biggest thing since the industrial revolution.

So what’s your opinion?? Is Social Media the next Industrial revolution??

Bing replaces Windows Live Search

Search is one area where Microsoft is far behind Google despite their efforts in trying to revamp Windows Live search to counter the dominance of Google. They have not been successful thus far. But in the past few months we have been hearing a lot about Microsoft’s “underground secret-testing” of their new search engine, code-named “Kumo”.

A look into the past

  • In 2003, Microsoft passed up the chance to buy search engines Inktomi and Overture (from whom MS contracted search services) and let Yahoo acquire them. With those under rival Yahoo’s wing, Microsoft was forced to build its own search service.

Mad Rush for Windows 7 RC brings Microsoft Servers down

Just a week back Microsoft announced that their sales dropped by 6 % and the net revenue was down by 32% and this was the first time in 23 years that such a thing has happened . They attributed it to the drop in new computers being sold around the world. And 1 week later ie on April 30th they were slated to release the Windows 7 Release Candidate available to the testers who had MSDN ,Techbeta and Technet subscriptions but it didn’t happen as was the case with the Beta version in january and the reason , very simple : DEMAND Exceeded Microsoft’s INFRASTRUCTURE.

Oracle buys Sun Microsystems

Recession is here and companies around the world are struggling to stay afloat with some of them doing so on account of huge bailouts given by the Governments. Financial industry has been hit hard and IT industry is not far behind with job losses being the order of the day. Considering all these a acquisition of a company by another company is least expected but that is what has happened with ORACLE Corporation buying out Sun Microsystems for only a sum of 7.4 billion $

Oracle buys Sun

A gadget with SIXTH SENSE

All of us have 5 senses but not many are gifted with what is known as sixth sense..Many movies have been made in Hollywood and Bollywood with sixth sense as the subject. Many researches are being conducted to find out how exactly this works .Yesterday i was going through a video and it shocked me that students from MIT have actually found out a way where every one of us can have that sixth sense .Pranav mistry as told by Pattie Maes has been the lead in this project.

16 Mbps Connection from Airtel !!!!!!

It is election time and all the political parties have started online campaigning by launching their sites to reach out to tech savvy voters. I don’t see the point. Over 50 % of the population lives in villages where the net connectivity is not good and even if there is online connectivity the speed is not good enough. Even in cities right now the broadband connections being offered are 2Mbps.

Its no longer going to be 10 digits !!!

Wondering what I was thinking when I wrote the title for this post. Its something which has become a part of our lives and we cant part with it even for a day. These days we find everyone with a mobile phone. Right from the vegetable vendor to an executive everyone has a mobile phone suiting their needs. While a vegetable vendor might have simple phone with the basic functions of text messaging and calling whereas those going to college would like to have touch phones with all the multimedia support and executives a Blackberry. Having a phone would mean having to subscribe with any of the operators available in the market to get the 10 digit number to stay connected with the world.

iPhone’s latest OS 3.0 promises to be bigger and better

Its been close to 9 months since iPhone 2.0 release.On March 17 2009, Apple gave a group of journalists, analysts, and developers a preview of  iPhone OS 3.0 Software and if Apple is to be believed the new OS will have more than 100 new features including copy and paste, peer-to-peer networking, push notification, and a whole lot more.(that’s quite an upgrade from 2.0)

Sony VAIO pocketbooks..Worth the price ??

Sony vaio pocket notebooks

It’s been quite sometime since Sony has been advertising their pocket Notebooks on air. Sony is always on the forefront of innovation. With the release of Sony VAIO pocketbook, called Sony VAIO P, it is clear that Sony want to stay ahead in the war of mobility-based netbooks.

Sony has released two variants, VGN-P15, costing Rs 64,990 and VGN-P13, costing Rs 49,990 (inclusive of all taxes), the models can easily fit into your pockets, if you believe the TV commercial it has launched to showcase the device’s easy mobility.