“God”zillas of Mumbai

ibnattack-3-430A group of 20-25 people gain entry into a building by beating up the security guards and then they run up to the seventh floor with a frantic pace and barge into an office attacking the private security guards with baseball bats and man-handling the employees not even sparing a women receptionist. Furniture and fittings, glass partitions, LCD TV screens, OB vans were damaged in a matter of minutes. So what is this all about?? It is not a scene from a Bollywood flick which is being shot at a film studio but an outrageous attack by Shiv Sena activists on the offices of IBN Lokmat and IBN7, the Marathi and Hindi news channels of the IBN Network, in north-east Mumbai’s Vikhroli on Friday. Destruction in pics

Why target Corporates??

RupeesAfter all the talk about cost cutting in the government sector the austerity drive is back in news but this time  it’s the corporate industry which is being targeted. Salman Khursheed. Corporate Affairs Minister Salman Khurshid advised India Inc to refrain from doling out “vulgar” salaries to CEOs. “I think when we are working on this (austerity), we can hardly say that we will shut our eyes on what salary the CEOs are going to take,” was his response when asked how the Government intends to control salaries of CEOs which at times appear vulgar.

Austerity or Tokenism ???

2009091699991001Penny wise Pound foolish is what I would call the current Austerity drive from UPA. Rich man plays poor man is what they are trying to project but it seems that idea has backfired. It all started on 9th September when Pranab Mukherjee requested External Affairs minister SM Krishna and his deputy Shashi Tharoor to give up their 5 star suites and shift to government guest houses. Right from that day Congress government has been in news not for its policies or governance but for this ostentatious austerity drive which has gone over the top.

Scrapping of 10th Boards..Good or Bad

sibalHis predecessor institutionalized the term -detoxification and at the end of his tenure Arjun Singh ended up as the most controversial education minister. Kapil Sibal, the present education minister has gone one step ahead and has come up with a proposal to scrap the 10th class board exams which has sparked off a huge debate. This is only one of the things mentioned in his 100 day ambitious plan.

JUMBO sized Cabinet .. Thumbs down to Dr Singh :(

Is Bigger really Better???? Definitely not if you take the Ministers list of the Union Government of India. It has been 2 weeks since the people of India gave a decisive mandate in favour of Congress and UPA and the Government has been very indecisive in finalizing the portfolios. 19 Cabinet Ministers and Manmohan Singh were sworn in on Friday. The second and the final set of ministers were supposed to be sworn in on Tuesday (25th May) but it had to put off due to last-minute wrangling over berths and ministries..

T20 Match of a Different Kind

I surprised myself when I got up at 6 AM (IST) on 16th Sep . It was just the day before that I had finished my exams, the last of my Engineering life and I would have definitely loved to get a good night sleep but that didn’t materialize as i was awake till almost 3 in the morning doing what i like best, browsing 🙂 before I decided to have some sleep so that I could get up early in the morning. I had actually been thinking of getting up at 6AM on this day for some days now. The Surprising part is that I got up exactly at 6 without any alarm. Whenever I have something to do I do keep an alarm as most people do though there are some people who are gifted with a timer within but I was never that gifted. As I had mentioned that I slept at about 3 and so forgot to keep the alarm but God was kind enough to wake me up 🙂 Maybe he too didn’t want me to miss the action on this day….So what was going to happen on this day 16th of May…..It was the Counting Day for the General Elections 09.I don’t remember myself getting up on perhaps one of the most important days in my life that would shape my career ie results of competitive exams so why this special affinity towards Politics that is making me break every rule in my book. I have always been interested in Politics but this time it was different. There has always been an excitement surrounding the counting day of any election but this time it was going to be a close contest to the road to Power….


It’s that time of the year again when we Indians turn up in large numbers to elect the representatives to run our state and country. This year 43 million new voters will be casting their vote and exercising the right to VOTE for the first time. Its high time that the youth of the country vote and show the greedy corrupt politicians that we are no longer going to be fooled by them and not let INDIA be ruined by them.43 million accounts for 6 % of the total voter count which is 700 million. This is quite a big number and we need to use this vote if we wish to see a better progressive INDIA in the future.

After BUSH its now Chidambaran turn to be shoed

It was only 3 months back on Dec 15th that an Iraqi Journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi stood up and shouted “this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog,” before hurling a shoe at Mr. Bush which narrowly missed him. That incident captured the headlines around the world and Bush was smart and agile enough to duck under it. Click here to view the video

Celebrities a big FLOP in Politics

Elections are here and all the parties are busy finalizing their candidates who will be fighting it out to get their hands on a lok sabha seat or an assembly seat which will secure their life for 5 years  and give them the ample opportunity to practice corruption and get a degree in it 😀 This is one exam that I can assure you that the politicians will never fail in. They always live up to the expectations and many a time shock us with their loot 🙁

Vote for integrity, Vote for good people

The world’s most populous democracy in the world i.e. INDIA will be going to polls starting 16th April and going on till 13th May. A large percentage of voters are not even aware of the candidates in their constituency and vote blindly for somebody and mostly those candidates turn out to be ones against whom criminal charges have been framed. This ignorance is the reason for all our woes. Whatever we are facing now is because of us. Why blame the politicians for it.