Vodafone ‘Zoozoos’ are actually humans!!!!!!!!


Zoozoos’, a new innovative concept from mobile service provider Vodafone Essar is on its way to capture hearts of millions of viewers similar to that of ‘Hutch dog’.Click here to see related post

Zoozoos — stick-like figures with an egg-like heads — feature in the latest Vodafone Essar commercials that are aired during the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket series to promote different offerings and services provided by Vodafone to its customers.”We have been thinking about this concept since the last six months. As millions of people are glued to their television sets during IPL, we thought it was the right time to launch the concept,” Vodafone Essar’s director (marketing and new business) Harit Nagpal said.

ZooZoo the new brand ambassador of Vodafone

In one of my earlier posts i had written about Airtel ads and how creative they are when they come up with their commercial ads. But as a Vodafone customer I think Vodafone is the best when it comes to advertising. Airtel has relied on star power always but Vodafone has always used the dog, much cheaper option and much more appealing too compared to the starry ads.

A picture is Worth a Thousand words

Dont forget to see the video after reading the post 😀

They say “A picture is equivalent to thousand words”. Whenever I see an Airtel ad I get reminded of this Chinese proverb. Every time they come up with an add there is something new to it. Kudos to the creative team .The airtel ad is an amazing journey into the entire gamut of human emotions. It is a compendium of Human expressions at its simplest best 🙂