Youtube’s Bradpitt

We have Hollywood stars, Bollywood Stars but never knew there were Youtube stars too. This guy called Sam Anderson is surely one. Don’t get fooled by his name. He is a Tamil Christian .He is better than Mr. BEAN in comedy and Rajnikanth in action: D. He would definitely sweep the raspberry awards if he is nominated in all the categories. You Google for him and the first result that appears is a video of his even before the legendry American actor Sam Anderson

No Windows 7 upgrade for XP users !!!!!

I was a bit shocked upon seeing this news that Microsoft won’t provide an upgrade to Windows 7 for XP users. This has come as a shock to me and many others who were thinking that they could start using Windows 7 when it releases although the beta version is out. I have been using Windows XP since it came into the market 8 years back and I was pretty much happy with the OS.


Khans share the same platform for ‘Fair rights for Friday nights’

It was only on 25th of March that Aamir khan’s interview was aired on CNN where he again took on SRK. This has been going on for some time and its now getting too childish. Just when I and many of you thought that this would continue in the near future we have been proved wrong. Today SRK and Aamir khan came together on the same platform to address the tiff between the Film producers and the Multiplex owners.

After BUSH its now Chidambaran turn to be shoed

It was only 3 months back on Dec 15th that an Iraqi Journalist Muntadar al-Zaidi stood up and shouted “this is a goodbye kiss from the Iraqi people, dog,” before hurling a shoe at Mr. Bush which narrowly missed him. That incident captured the headlines around the world and Bush was smart and agile enough to duck under it. Click here to view the video

Team INDIA does it but is Dhoni the best Captain ever??

INDIA has created history in NZ by winning the series 1-0 and this being first series win after 41 long years and the only 13th series win overseas makes it even more cherishable. But India’s Wellington woes still remain. Its sad that it could not be 2-0 thanks to the weather gods and debatable captaincy from Dhoni but as soon as the match was abandoned and the test drawn congratulatory messages started pouring in. India is perhaps the only country where the president congratulates the team for their victory .This was no World Cup but India being such a cricket crazy nation it is bound to happen. BCCI didn’t waste any time and they announced a cash reward of 15 lakhs to each member of the winning team. Click here for the final day pics

16 Mbps Connection from Airtel !!!!!!

It is election time and all the political parties have started online campaigning by launching their sites to reach out to tech savvy voters. I don’t see the point. Over 50 % of the population lives in villages where the net connectivity is not good and even if there is online connectivity the speed is not good enough. Even in cities right now the broadband connections being offered are 2Mbps.

Its no longer going to be 10 digits !!!

Wondering what I was thinking when I wrote the title for this post. Its something which has become a part of our lives and we cant part with it even for a day. These days we find everyone with a mobile phone. Right from the vegetable vendor to an executive everyone has a mobile phone suiting their needs. While a vegetable vendor might have simple phone with the basic functions of text messaging and calling whereas those going to college would like to have touch phones with all the multimedia support and executives a Blackberry. Having a phone would mean having to subscribe with any of the operators available in the market to get the 10 digit number to stay connected with the world.

Celebrities a big FLOP in Politics

Elections are here and all the parties are busy finalizing their candidates who will be fighting it out to get their hands on a lok sabha seat or an assembly seat which will secure their life for 5 years  and give them the ample opportunity to practice corruption and get a degree in it 😀 This is one exam that I can assure you that the politicians will never fail in. They always live up to the expectations and many a time shock us with their loot 🙁

Vote for integrity, Vote for good people

The world’s most populous democracy in the world i.e. INDIA will be going to polls starting 16th April and going on till 13th May. A large percentage of voters are not even aware of the candidates in their constituency and vote blindly for somebody and mostly those candidates turn out to be ones against whom criminal charges have been framed. This ignorance is the reason for all our woes. Whatever we are facing now is because of us. Why blame the politicians for it.

Microsoft Acquires 23% stake in Google

Yes you saw it right. When I too came to know of the news I too was as shocked and surprised as you are right now reading this. Microsoft had called for an urgent press conference at the company headquarters in Redmond, Washington and the press was stupefied to see Steve Ballmer, the CEO of Microsoft and Eric Schmidt, the CEO of internets largest search Engine Company Google sitting next to each other on the dais. This was only the first of the many shocks and there were many more to come.